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Press Releases

Omegawave Launches Consumer App 2.0 in U.S.

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Omegawave, the leading provider of training and performance optimizer solutions, is pleased to announce the U.S. release of its consumer app after a successful introductory period. The app, paired with Omegawave’s miniaturized electrocardiograph (ECG) and software algorithms, allow athletes for the first time to optimize their future training and recovery.

 Since February, Omegawave’s ECG Sensor Belt and consumer app have been tested by athletes worldwide, scoring impressive reviews and receiving invaluable feedback. Gathered insights have helped to improve the new and revised functionality of the 2.0 version of the app, which includes now revamped visual appeal, offline usability, and a sharing function for social media platforms.

 Omegawave Personal offers athletes an inside view into their cardiac and metabolic system, measuring their readiness to train through a comprehensive assessment of their ECG waves. The cardiac readiness measurements offer tracking on daily assessments, allowing the athlete to see the effects of training sessions on their readiness. In includes resting heart rate tracking over time, as well as stress, adaptation reserves and their recovery pattern.

 Training zone intensities are a unique feature to Omegawave Personal, which provides recommendation for the maximum heart rate the athlete should train in. This changes daily, allowing the athlete to manage their training, maximizing the benefits of each training session.

The end-goal of Omegawave Personal is similar to that of the company’s Omegawave Team product, which has been in use in top European and American sports franchises for years: to assess and safely maximize one’s readiness for training and performance. The technologies, however, have different user markets; Omegawave Personal is for all goal-oriented athletes and sports enthusiasts while Omegawave Team is specially formatted for coaches of teams or individual athletes within professional teams including the NFL and Premier League Football.

Additional features allow athletes to tag their measurements as “before” and “after” training, clearly marking the effects of the training session and proving key insights on the athlete’s physiology.

 These features and their subsequent feedback not only make it easier to track and trend training results and recovery patterns, but also allows the user to learn how their body reacts to various kinds of training over time. The user can analyze the trend graph, take note of their pre- and post-workout measurements and training comments to measure their fitness progress and optimize future training.

Omegawave’s all new look and feel make for easier navigation around the application. Individuals can use the app even when disconnected from the Internet. The app will save all logged data and upload it to the service’s cloud once it is in Internet range.

Mark Allen, a six times Ironman champion and provider of coaching solutions for thousands of athletes has been evaluating the app for months. He stated, “This app not only provides tremendous value to the triathletes that want to manage their readiness and optimize their training. In many cases additional stress comes from work and personal life and with this service you can get a holistic picture on your body’s total readiness.”

Until Omegawave’s consumer launch, valuable data like this could only be obtained under laboratory conditions, which are costly, invasive and stressful. Omegawave Personal’s cloud-based service is available for risk free trial at Omegawave’s web shop:

With the purchase of an ECG Sensor Belt, the athlete receives a free 60-day subscription to the Omegawave readiness assessment service. During the trial period users can convert to a monthly subscription or return the ECG Sensor Belt for a full refund. Omegawave Personal mobile application currently runs on Android and iOS operating systems. MSRP for ECG Sensor Belt is $129 (introductory offer $99), and subscription $9.90 per month, or $99 per year.

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About Omegawave

Based on research in sports science and space medicine, Omegawave provides leading methods for monitoring an athlete’s functional condition. Omegawave provides instantly relevant advice on the optimum amount of intensity and volumes of training. By identifying an athlete’s physiologically limiting factors and providing guidelines to eliminate them, Omegawave helps to improve performance, prevent overtraining, decrease injuries and improve fitness and overall health. Omegawave technology is in use by multiple Olympic Federations, premier soccer teams such as FC Barcelona, teams from the NFL, MLS, and NHL, and various other leading sports organizations. The company’s global headquarters are in Espoo, Finland.