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One Glove, Two Chambers, Triple Comfort

Introducing the new GORE-TEX® glove with GORE™ 2 in 1 technology.This innovative two-chamber glove debuts winter 2007/2008

Elkton, Md. – December 1, 2006 – W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc. — Combination glove systems with inner and outer gloves are well known, but they’re not very practical. The new GORE-TEX® glove with GOREâ„¢ 2 in 1 technology is two gloves engineered into one, giving you the choice between comfortably warm hands and enhanced grip.

Warmth and tactility hadn’t been compatible – until now! The GOREâ„¢ 2 in 1 technology for GORE-TEX® gloves solves this problem with a unique invention:

How the GOREâ„¢ 2 in double-chamber 1 technology system works
The technology centers around a double-chamber system in a single glove. A “WARM” chamber is ideal for cold weather, sensitive hands or non-strenuous activities. A second “GRIP” chamber ensures enhanced grip and superior tactility thanks to minimal insulation on the palm side of the glove. A unique “pull tab” —between the two chambers—makes it easy to slip your hand into the correct chamber. The two chambers are sewn into a single outer glove shell so there are no loose glove liners to drop or lose.

How the GORE 2â„¢ in 1 technology is built
The GORE 2 in 1 technology uses nature’s best insulator: air. When the hand is in the upper “WARM” chamber, thermal insulation surrounds the entire hand and individually surrounds each finger. This thick padding captures a lot of air, so it can achieve maximum warmth. When the hand switches into the lower “GRIP” chamber, insulation is now only on the back of the hand, where the insulation is compressed. This compression leaves less air in the padding, thus reducing the amount of thermal insulation. An optimum level of insulation is provided on the palm, fingers and fingertips. This significantly increases both the feel and the precision of grip, while allowing excess heat to escape easily.

Comfort and protection GUARANTEED
No matter which chamber the hand is in, the hand is always protected from the rain and wind because the GORE-TEX® insert is built into the glove directly below the outer face fabric. All components in the glove must meet or exceed Gore’s high quality standards to ensure that this new GORE-TEX® glove with GORE 2â„¢ in 1 technology carries the “GORE-TEX® Guaranteed To Keep You DryTM” promise.

Women benefit from GOREâ„¢ 2 in 1 technology
Many women have chronically cold hands when skiing or snowboarding. To avoid the risk of cold and uncomfortable hands, they wear a glove with thick insulation. However when waiting for a ski lift and they want to take their sunglasses out of a pocket or some other activity that requires a “sure feel”, the gloves must come off. Hands get cold again and discomfort builds. The “GRIP” chamber in the GORE TEX glove with GORE™ 2 in 1 technology gives enhanced grip and tactility that is not possible with conventional gloves.

Active skiers benefit from GOREâ„¢ 2 in 1 technology
Active skiers rarely get cold hands. They wish for thicker gloves on chairlift rides, and thinner ones for gripping poles on the way down. But a second pair just for riding the lift is impractical. This new technology offers more insulation and more grip when needed.

Ski tours call for GOREâ„¢ 2 in 1 technology
Most people pack two pairs of gloves when leaving for a ski tour weekend. The ascent is very strenuous, so the body produces a lot of heat and only thin gloves are needed. But depending on the altitude and the weather conditions, a thicker pair of gloves might be needed. The GORE-TEX® glove with GORE™ 2 in 1 technology lets skiers choose between a lot of insulation and a little insulation. And it lets them do so without making any compromises in active breathability and waterproofness.

Glove manufacturers grasp GOREâ„¢ 2 in 1 technology
Gore’s partnerships with the best glove brands in the world have a long and established history. These glove brands have ventured into new territory and are actively participating in the global launch of the GORE 2 in 1 technology. They’re using the double-chamber system in their gloves and they’ve adapted it to suit the look and shape of their collections. Look for these leading brands in Winter ’07:
Dynastar, Eska, Gordini, Grandoe, Hestra, Invicta, Kombi, Level, Marmot, Matt, Quiksilver, Racer, Roeckl, Salomon, Scott, Snowlife, Terra Nova, Trekmates, Zanier and Ziener.

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