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Only a few more days to be a Stonewear Designs Ambassador

LOUISVILLE, CO- Women’s activewear company Stonewear Designs seeks inspiring women to submit applications for their 2013-2014 Grassroots Ambassador program. The deadline is July 15th, 2013.

As a result of the successful Ambassador Program launched for the first time in 2012, Colorado-based Stonewear Designs is creating an opportunity for new applicants to apply for a 2013-2014 ambassadorship.. Over the last year, the program has seen consistent growth. By renewing the program for another year, Stonewear Designs will continue to reach out to and connect with the online community of active women with the goal of encouraging women to pursue their athletic dreams while positively representing Stonewear’s unique brand. 

“We founded Stonewear Designs for rock climbers, and then we evolved into a yoga clothing line. But we are so much more than yoga and climbing,” says President Kitty Bradley. “We offer quality activewear for all kinds of athletes, from runners to fitness gurus to women involved with dog agility. So, we’ve developed a Grassroots Ambassador program with the diversity of our product in mind.”

Ambassador applicants must lead an active, athletic lifestyle, demonstrate involvement in their established online communities through social media and blogging, and have an inspiring or motivating story to tell. “We’re not looking for that size zero, twenty-something with the model-thin thighs. We encourage all types of women to apply. Our goal is to find women who inspire” says Bradley.

Stonewear Designs will outfit these women with $1,500 worth of clothing, to be distributed seasonally, and highlight them on all social media platforms, the LiveStonewear! blog, E-newsletter, and at events.

In return, the ambassadors will promote Stonewear Designs through social media posts, blog updates, and, personal product reviews, as well as at their own local events. Ambassadors will also provide the company with videos and pictures that capture their active lifestyle while wearing Stonewear Designs.

“We have spent 16 years perfecting our vision to create a line of active clothing that makes women feel beautiful and also meets the demands of their busy, active lives,” says Bradley. “Now we’re looking for a half-dozen women to express that vision through their outer triumphs.” 

For more information, please visit the Live Stonewear! Blog: contact Stonewear Designs directly at 303.530.3035 X110.