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Optic Nerve Begins Search for Ambassadors

Optic Nerve, the sunglass company with soul, is beginning a search for candidates to serve as brand ambassadors.

Optic Nerve, the sunglass company with soul, is beginning a search for candidates to serve as brand ambassadors.
Optic Nerve will look toward its ambassadors to be champions of the brand and advise the company with recommendations on the best events and causes to support in their communities which will be dubbed Nerve Centers.
Optic Nerve posted this description of Nerve Ambassador candidates: “They can be a man or woman of any age. They may not be the fastest or best in their posse, but they laugh as easy as they connect good people together. They don’t take things too seriously, and they appreciate our brand because they feel we are doing things the right way. We are givers and we acknowledge our naivety. A Nerve Ambassador is a fan for life because they are naturally loyal. Together we walk around happily confused that everyone doesn’t understand how superior our shades are because of a weirdly good vibe. We are on the hunt for those people who are the last ones to bed and the first ones up. A Nerve Ambassador hangs out with the little kids at the party in the rad aunt or uncle way. Together we can own from the middle of the pack where others hear us singing a song of flowing life. We seek these people because they are us. Labradors laughing.”
Optic Nerve co-founder Tom Fox described the ideal Nerve Center. “It’s a farmvillecollegetownartzonecoffeehouse, with friendly freaks hanging out at the edges and retired profs with stories to tell,” Fox said. “It’s a place where people take care of themselves and their community, but don’t get wound up doing it. It’s a community that represents the kind of people who understand and appreciate our message.”
Nerve Center Ambassador candidates are invited to apply by posting a message on the Optic Nerve Facebook fan page including a link to information about why they’d be a good Nerve Ambassador. Ambassadors will receive training and be compensated for their efforts with product. A minimum one-year commitment is requested. Applications must be received by Nov. 1.
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