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Ortovox Joins Grassroots Outdoor Alliance as a Vendor Partner

Grassroots Outdoor Alliance (Grassroots) is pleased to announce that Ortovox has joined our organization as a Vendor Partner.

Based in Taufkirchen, Germany, ORTOVOX is the world’s leading brand of avalanche transceiver and rescue equipment. More than 30 years of evolution and experience in the mountains enables ORTOVOX to offer a wide range of products catering to mountaineers and adventurers whose playgrounds are the mountains of the world.

“The ORTOVOX mission is to outfit people with the proper gear in order to enjoy the backcountry safely and responsibly,” explains Christian Mason, Sales and Marketing Director at ORTOVOX. “Partnering with the specialty retailers of Grassroots is the perfect way for ORTOVOX to deliver the avalanche education message developed specifically for retail professionals through our work with the American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education (AIARE).”

All ORTOVOX sales representatives are AIARE Level 1 trained and ready to educate Grassroots retailers on how to approach their customers about education, companion rescue and self-rescue during the sales process. To further support that goal, ORTOVOX produced Avalanche Safety Guide Books and Avalanche Safety Essentials flyers, both are available at participating ORTOVOX retailers free of charge. The Guide Book and Flyer offer the basics of avalanche awareness.

“ORTOVOX is committed to equipping retail staff with the knowledge to speak accurately and informatively about ORTOVOX gear and its proper use,” continues Mason. “Equally important, is the need to encourage consumers to educate themselves about avalanche safety. The Guide Books and Flyers are a good first step towards avalanche awareness education.”

As an organization, Grassroots unites independent outdoor retailers as a strong voice to protect and promote the experience of outdoor enthusiasts across the United States. With Ortovox’s commitment to training staff to insure proper use of their products, Ortovox is a great example of a brand and an independent specialty retailer working together to make the outdoor user’s experience both safe and enjoyable.

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