The Outbound Collective Pursuit Series Partners With Impactful Organizations

Run 4 All Women Empowers Women to Be the Change They Seek

San Francisco, Calif., January 23, 2019 — The Outbound Collective adventure camp series, Pursuit Series is on a mission to create outdoors communities fueled by passionate, invested individuals and brands, and has strategically aligned with Run 4 All Women for the 2019 series.

The organization was founded by Alison Mariella Désir-Figueroa, a community activist and athlete from Harlem. Désir-Figueroa launched the group, which is devoted to inspiring and empowering women through fitness and grassroots activism, in 2017. Over the past two years, Run 4 All Women has brought powerful change to communities across the globe; raising over $160,000 for women’s rights, hosting a dozen major running events, including a 250+ mile run from New York to Washington DC and helping to fundraise for progressive candidates in the Midterm Election, which resulted in 11 newly elected Congressional representatives.

Désir-Figueroa attended the Hunter Mountain event last summer and experienced personal breakthroughs in outdoors confidence and skills. She recognized the potential for positive change that comes from these breakthroughs and sought to bring this opportunity to a larger community. Désir-Figueroa and her Run 4 All Women team will be attending and leading events at The Outbound Pursuit Series, 2019, offering women-specific classes, inspiring female guides and creating conversation about running and determination in a fitness and a lifestyle capacity.

Désir-Figueroa and her Run 4 All Women team will be attending and leading events at The Outbound Pursuit Series, 2019, offering women-specific workshops, inspiring female guides and creating conversations about empowerment through fitness.

“We are excited to partner with the Pursuit Series for all three of their events, providing a curated Run 4 All Women experience within each larger event”, said Alison Mariella Désir-Figueroa, Run 4 All Women Founder. “On top of the vast array of outdoor classes and activities offered by the Pursuit, Run 4 All Women participants will engage in special workshops with topics including social justice, advocacy, mental health, and community building. After experiencing the Pursuit Series last year, I knew that I wanted to create an opportunity where women, particularly women of color, could have the chance to experience the adventure and tranquility of the outdoors, all while connecting around the core principles of Run 4 All Women. That is exactly what we’ve created through this partnership.”

The Outbound Pursuit Series has a vested interest in supporting a diverse base of outdoors-enthusiasts, with the event series as accessible as possible to beginners and intermediates across dozens of activities. With over 12 million users on The Outbound Collective platform, and over 800,000 social media followers, The Outbound is in a unique position to help outdoor enthusiasts and urban adventurers access the outdoors and to find adventure. In what will be the third year of The Outbound Pursuit Series, the 2019 adventure camps are designed to cater to those wanting to try new activities, push their boundaries, make new friends, and to celebrate the outdoors. Each event represents an all-inclusive outdoor and educational getaway, with hundreds of activities and classes to choose from.

For 2019, The Outbound Pursuit Series registration is open for:

Snowbasin, Utah – June 27-30, 2019

Bear Valley, CA – August 8-11, 2019

Green River Preserve, NC – September 19-22, 2019

Inclusive and hands-on, this new summit of exploration, connectivity, and unforgettable activities is brought to you by The Outbound Collective (, the world’s fastest growing online outdoor and travel community. More information and the full schedule for the three locations can be found online at

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About The Outbound Pursuit Series: The Outbound Pursuit Series is an event that celebrates the outdoors with action-packed weekend getaways in beautiful places. Pursuit embraces people from all backgrounds to share in an unforgettable experience that each Pursuer can custom-tailor with activities and educational topics that range from mountain biking to kayaking to introductory seminars on photography or outdoor cooking. Participants choose from a vast number of choices and enjoy a premium experience with professional educators and the best gear.