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Outgo Introduces GSA-Compliant Microfiber Towel in ACU Pattern

Outgo® continues to innovate on its microfiber towels with the GS Microfiber Towel™. The GSA-compliant towel now features an ACU pattern, enlarged name tag and subdued hanging loop.

Outgo®, the leader in personal care products for in-field use, is pleased to introduce a GSA-compliant microfiber towel available in ACU, Coyote or OD Green. Innovating on its Ultra Compact Microfiber Towel, the new GS Microfiber Towel™ by Outgo features a new ACU pattern, enlarged name tag and subdued hanging loop.

“We took the feedback provided by our customers and developed a new towel to meet their needs,” said Gerald Craft, brand marketing director for Outgo. “By collaborating with our military, law enforcement and tactical consumers, we’re able to provide innovative products designed specifically for their needs.”

The GS Microfiber Towel is an extremely lightweight, high-performance microfiber towel. The super absorbent microfiber material soaks up large volumes of liquids, but dries much quicker than standard issue towels preventing the build-up of odor-causing bacteria. The compact design packs down smaller than a paperback book. In addition, the towel serves double-duty as a blanket, bandana, sling or shemagh.

“Standard issue towels are heavy, bulky and take up too much space in packs or ruck sacks,” said Craft. “The GS Microfiber Towel cuts down on weight and space and won’t collect sand and debris like typical towels. Plus it dries extremely fast preventing the build-up of odors.”

The GS Microfiber Towel by Outgo is now available. For more information, please contact: tacticalsales(at)mcnett(dot)com.

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