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Press Releases

Pacific Market International, Parent Company of the Stanley brand, Commemorates 30 Years

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Pacific Market International (PMI), parent company of iconic Stanley®, Aladdin®, and Migo® food and beverage container brands, recognizes 30 years of business this year through a series of celebrations honoring the people and culture that have fueled PMI’s success these past three decades. Culminating in the recent 30th Anniversary bash at Fred Wildlife Refuge, the festivities also included an off-site retreat and an additional celebration in the Shanghai, China offices planned for October.

CEO Rob Harris attributes the company’s success to its founding principal: people over profits. Growing from a company of just one in 1983 to nearly 200 in its five corporate offices (Seattle, Shanghai, Amsterdam, Bentonville and Manila) and 2300 in its injection molding operation in China in 2013, PMI’s growth is a direct result of this founding principal that guides the company’s efforts to retain quality people and produce superior products in an ethical, sustainable and financially sound way. Doing so has created a healthy and vibrant organization that has not only survived through economic uncertainty but, in fact, thrived.

“At PMI people know they are going to work in a collaborative, communicative environment where their voice matters and their contribution makes a difference. This creates an environment of passion and loyalty that fuels our innovation and commitment to excellence. It truly is a competitive advantage to have so many passionate employees pushing themselves each day to do their best,” explains Rob Harris, PMI’s Founder and CEO.

Dedicated Workforce
This mutual loyalty translates into a workforce at PMI filled with tenured employees. It is not uncommon for people to stay 5,10, 15 and even 25 years at PMI.

Neil Burch, 25-year PMI veteran, explains his reasons for staying with the company for so long: “Since day one I have always felt that my opinion and thoughts mattered. I am allowed to speak freely and develop a creative and innovative side that was rewarded instead of looked upon as an oddity because it was out of the norm. Mistakes were not something that were viewed as errors but more as learning opportunities. I have always thought I could make a difference and influence business and lives and have fun doing it.”

Employee experiences such as these have led PMI to receive numerous “Best Places to Work” awards including those by Puget Sound Business Journal and Outside magazine.

Environmental Stewardship
At the head of PMI’s “people over profits” principal is the company’s unwavering commitment to the communities in which it does business, including environmental stewardship. In addition to developing innovative recycled and recyclable products, all of the factories in which PMI produces products must adhere to the strictest environmental and social standards. For example,
while PMI’s production at their partner factory, PMI Joinease, rose slightly in 2011, the factory as a whole saw reductions in energy, carbon emissions, water, and waste. This is just one way PMI works tirelessly to produce products in an environmentally responsible way.

Corporate Social Responsibility
Investment in its people and communities also extends to how PMI involves its employees in giving and corporate culture. For example, each quarter PMI employees get to vote on what organization will receive a $2500 donation. It is part of their grassroots philanthropy efforts. Additionally each employee can take one day off a year to volunteer at an organization of their choosing.

Most recently PMI was recognized by The Puget Sound Business Journal’s (PSBJ) and awarded the 2013 Corporate Champions award in the Environment category. PMI was among eight companies that demonstrated above-and-beyond overall giving (volunteer work, in-kind donations and cash contributions) in the previous year; embraced corporate philanthropy as part of the company’s culture; and showed significant impact on the community with its giving programs.

Keeping It Fun
This ‘volunteer’ spirit also extends into fun and quirky “PMI’ism’s” like Dish Duty where each new employee, regardless of title, has to do dishes until a new hire is brought on. It’s a great way to level the playing field for all employees and is representative of the ‘we’re all in this together’ spirit that fuels PMI’s collaborative work atmosphere. This goes beyond monthly birthday celebrations to quarterly energizers, off-site retreats, and even 80s themed anniversary parties.

In this spirit the theme of PMI’s 30th Anniversary Celebration was Queen’s “We Will Rock You” rock anthem and all guests and employees were dressed up in 80’s rocker costumes. “We work hard, but we also play hard and that’s what makes us PMI,” concludes CEO, Rob Harris.

For more information about PMI and corporate social responsibility, visit PMI’s website:

About PMI:
Founded in 1983, by Rob Harris, PMI manufactures, markets, and designs innovative food and beverage container solutions for busy lifestyles across the globe. PMI’s two most recognizable brands, Stanley® and Aladdin®, are both over 100 years old. Guided by principles of sustainability, community and integrity, PMI extends these beloved brands into the future while remaining rooted in their past. Their newest brand Migo® was founded in 1999 and is rapidly growing in the Asia Pacific region. Headquartered in Seattle, WA, PMI has offices in Bentonville, Shanghai, Amsterdam and Manila and ownership in PMI Joinease manufacturing in China. It currently distributes its products in over 50 countries worldwide.

About Stanley®:
Invented by William Stanley on September 2, 1913 (official patent date), the all steel vacuum bottle revolutionized the way people enjoyed food and beverage. Since then, the STANLEY brand has been delivering superior food and beverage gear for rugged, active lifestyles and remains dedicated to this simple promise: buy STANLEY products, get quality gear. Built for Life®. Learn more, visit

About Aladdin®:
Aladdin has been creating lifestyle products since 1908. From the character lunch boxes that many carried as kids, to the sleek mugs they use for their morning coffee today, Aladdin is committed to creating unique food and beverage solutions that fit your lifestyle. Products that are sustainable, stylish and functional. Products to love. To learn more about Aladdin, visit

About Migo®:
Originally established in 1999 in the US by PMI, Migo is a food and beverage container brand bringing quality, healthy and safe solutions focused now on mass market for consumers in China and Asia Pacific. Learn more visit