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Pain-Free Exercise Assistant Created by Baby Boomer

Skaters Coach is an innovative new skating aid that gives fitness enthusiasts the ability to leave the gym, get a great workout, and not have to worry about damaging their joints and back.

Chicago, Ill. / There aren’t too many people who are able to exercise outdoors on a regular basis without experiencing some kind of discomfort. Sore knees, an aching back; it just comes with the territory. Tom Demme knows that all too well; two knee replacements later he was forced to create something that kept him exercising outdoors without pain. Now, his revolutionary new exercise product <> is for sale after so many people stopped to ask what he had and where they could buy one.

Skaters Coach is an innovative new skating aid <> that gives fitness enthusiasts the ability to leave the gym, get a great workout, and not have to worry about damaging their joints and back. The fitness product developed by Demme is perfect for those who know how frustrating it can be to strive for an active, healthy lifestyle while experiencing the pain of aging, or the responsibility of trying to remain injury free with an outdoor activity. Safety is always a concern.

“It’s a perfect tool for baby boomers, women, or anyone looking for a great alternative for running,” says Demme. “For me, I wanted my outdoor exercise freedom back…I wanted to do something more for fitness than just ride the bike so I developed a way to make it easy to get a good workout without putting that stress on your joints. The first day I took it out on the trail, everyone started asking where they could get one.”

The handmade Skaters Coach allows fitness enthusiasts who may have stiff joints or other exercise-related injuries to get a better workout they would normally get on a stationary bike or an elliptical machine, only outdoors. The three-wheeled, steel-welded exercise aid helps improve balance and stability, making it easier for runners and joggers to learn inline skating <> and take the stress and impact off their joints. Demme says the development process was a “bumpy” one, literally.

“I’d heard about how inline skating is a good, low-impact workout, but the first time I tried it, I fell down right away,” says Demme. “I didn’t want to give up, but I was really taking my lumps. I thought there had to be a better way, and I was right.”

Skaters Coach is handmade in America and delivered fully assembled unlike any other exercise aid on the market. Proven to offer the same benefits as running, the skating aid also offers greater resistance and muscle training than riding a bike, and is a great way to build core strength. The Skaters Coach will soon be available in stores, but for now, the only way to experience the cardiovascular fitness results with Skaters Coach is to visit the Web site ( <> ).

About Skaters Coach:

Skaters Coach is a revolutionary new inline and roller skating device that helps fitness enthusiasts get the benefits of running without any of the joint or back pain associated with running. Handmade in the United States, the innovative piece of exercise equipment gives people stability and support while they learn to inline skate. The Skaters Coach was developed by Thomas Demme, and is available for purchase at the Skaters Coach website, <> .

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