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Parent Company of Mountainsmith Announces Merger

Pacifica LTM Joins Forces with Blackstone Investment Group.

In a joint statement issued today, Pacifica LTM, parent company of Mountainsmith, the Colorado-based innovator of cutting-edge packs, bags, and luggage, and Blackstone Investment Group out of Springfield, Missouri, have announced a merger of the two companies. Under terms of the agreement, Pacifica’s five operating companies, including Mountainsmith, and Blackstone’s four divisions will merge under the umbrella of Blackstone Investment Group. The joint announcement was made by Pacifica owner and president, Greg Thomsen, and Blackstone Investment Group CEO, David Henderson.

Under terms of the agreement, Thomsen will assume the title of Corporate President in charge of the five Pacifica companies and will participate as an owner within the investment group. The operating companies will continue under their current names of Mountainsmith, Youngstown Equipment, Detours, Body Glove Bags, and 105 Meridien. Henderson will assume the role of CEO for all Blackstone divisions, which also include Carry Gear, Luggage Works, Crew Outfitters and Logo Solutions.

Mountainsmith will continue to be headquartered in Golden, Colorado. This is important for a brand with a rich mountain culture and heritage, one that benefits from the Rocky Mountain testing grounds literally right outside the front door.

“Pacifica and Blackstone share a common business philosophy. Both companies are interested in the outdoor business and are committed to long-term brand building,” commented Thomsen. “All divisions will benefit by combining their strengths and merge into a much stronger company with greatly increased revenues and infrastructures.” Henderson went on to comment that, “Blackstone’s three divisions are all related to luggage and to carry gear. This will enhance Mountainsmith’s ability to expand their innovative Travel Storage category as well as their luggage line. Our long term interest, however, is not just expansion of the bottom line. We realize that we need to take care of our employees and our retailer base and build a partnership that will assure the long term success for all involved.”

Greg Thomsen can be reached at 805-557-4588, #105 and David Henderson at 417-678-7684.

Mountainsmith’s commitment to innovation began in 1979 and continues to the present with a full line of active lifestyle products. The quality and comfort of all Mountainsmith products—technical backpacks, travel storage systems, luggage, camera bags, urban packs, as well as the lumbar pack icons—set the standard for the worldwide outdoor marketplace. Mountainsmith manufactures, markets, and distributes an expanding group of products designed to meet the demands of travel on and off the trail, through airports, and anywhere that carrying-comfort is essential. Mountainsmith products are sold worldwide.