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Platypus Makes Waves in Hydration Category

Platypus, the Seattle-based brand of flexible, modular hydration products, has overhauled its entire line of product offerings for 2008 and is also adding water filtration to the mix with the introduction of the CleanStream™ Gravity Filter System.

Product Line Overhaul Delivers Customizable Hydration to Active Users

SEATTLE, Washington – Platypus, the Seattle-based brand of flexible, modular hydration products for active pursuits has overhauled its entire line of product offerings for 2008. Significant durability, usability and modularity improvements have been made with a variety of new materials and designs. Platypus is also adding water filtration to the mix with the introduction of the CleanStream™ Gravity Filter System.

Platypus created a revolutionary new film that retains the line’s main benefit—flexibility—but has a softer feel and is more durable than ever. The taste-free film is lined with SlimeGuardâ„¢ anti-microbial technology, helping to assure that the bottles and reservoirs stay clean.

An integral part of the new line is the CleanStream Gravity Filter system, which is capable of filtering four liters of water in two and a half minutes. Included in the system are two four-liter reservoirs that hang for easy in-camp use—one for collecting unfiltered water and the other for clean water. To use the pump-free system, simply hold or hang the unfiltered water bag above the clean water bag, and let gravity do the work. It filters down to 0.2 microns, removing 99.9999% of bacteria and protozoa. The filter also cleans easily without disassembly by holding the reservoirs in reverse, allowing the clean water to back flush into the filter. Water is available from the clean reservoir on-demand with the shutoff hose clamp included on the taste-free silicone hose. The system is also compatible with Platypus Bottles, Water Tanks™, Hosers™ and Big Zip SL™ reservoirs.

The new Big Zip SL hands-free hydration system features a wide-mouth opening for easy filling and cleaning and offers the new SlideLockâ„¢ closure that is easy to open and close and provides a secure leak-free seal. Other upgrades include a quick-disconnect valve with an auto shutoff for removing the reservoir from the pack without having to re-route the hose, as well as an easy-to-use shutoff valve and the high-flow HyperFlowâ„¢ Bite Valve.

“The entire line works together in an almost infinite number of ways,” said Erik Flink, Platypus Global Brand Manager. “Anyone from a hardcore mountain biker, leisurely day hiker or fast and light backpacker can customize a system that works to their liking; whether they carry it by hand, or hands free in a pack, they can be confident that they’ll have clean water.”

Ergonomic design changes have also been made to the line including finger/hang loops, and an updated shape for hand-held bottles and hands-free reservoirs. In addition to the existing HyperFlowâ„¢ Bite Valve, Shutoff Valve, Closure Cap and Lapel Clip, the accessory line has been expanded to increase versatility across the product line. The Quick-Disconnect Kit is an auto-shutoff valve that stops flow when it’s disconnected from any one quarter-inch inner diameter tubing. The Drink Tube Kitâ„¢ can be added to a Platy Bottleâ„¢ or the filter system to make an instant hydration system. The Bite Valve Coverâ„¢ is compatible with the existing shutoff valve—keeping it clean, insulated and ready to use.

Additionally, the Insulator, which includes a Big Zip SL Reservoir, can keep liquid hot or cold and easily attaches to any pack or kayak deck. A Bite Valve and Drink Tube Insulator kit is also available.

The new Platypus hydration line will be available in spring 2008.

About Platypus

Platypus, a Cascade Designs brand, has been the leader in flexible, modular hydration products for all active pursuits since its introduction over a decade ago. Unmatched versatility, quality and performance are present in the entire assortment of easy-to-use, taste-free, hands-free hydration systems, bottles, water carriers, insulators and accessories. In addition, Platypus offers a pump-free, fast-flow gravity filter system compatible with Platypus hydration components for use in camp. For more information on Platypus, call 1-800-531-9531 or visit

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