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Platypus® Wine Preservation Bottle Introduced

Cascade Designs, Inc. today announced the immediate release of the PlatyPreserve wine storage and preservation bottle.

The PlatyPreserveâ„¢ bottle stores wine and maintains taste on extended outdoor trips

Outdoor Retailer, SALT LAKE CITY, U.S.A. – Cascade Designs, Inc., the Seattle-based industry leader in the design and manufacture of premier outdoor equipment, today announced the immediate release of the PlatyPreserve wine storage and preservation bottle. The PlatyPreserve wine preservation bottle is based on the design of the original easy-to-use, lightweight, flexible and BPA-free Platy™ Bottle, and designed specifically for wine storage. By reducing exposure to oxygen and light, the PlatyPreserve bottle helps maintain the taste of wine for extended periods of time.

After opening a bottle of wine, the wine’s quality and taste quickly deteriorate as it is exposed to oxygen. The PlatyPreserve bottle protects the taste of wine by reducing the presence of oxygen. By squeezing the PlatyPreserve bottle before securing its cap, extra air is purged from the system, ensuring limited oxygen exposure for as long as it’s stored in the bottle. Made of multi-laminate film lined with taste-free polyethylene, the PlatyPreserve bottle will not leak or transfer any taste to the stored wine. The wine is protected from light exposure by coatings embedded in the laminate.Taste tests conducted by the company show that wine stored in the PlatyPreserve bottle remains enjoyable for up to six months.

The PlatyPreserve bottle is ideal for outdoor use, especially on backpacking trips. Wine stored in a PlatyPreserve bottle is much less cumbersome than a wine bottle due to its light weight and flexible shape, making it easy to pack and fold flat when empty.

The 800 milliliter PlatyPreserve bottle is sized to contain a standard bottle of wine and will be available for $12.95 USD individually or a four pack for $44.95 USD. It will be available to stores in September 2008.

About the Platypus® Brand

Seattle-based Cascade Designs, Inc. has been the market leader in innovative flexible and modular hydration products for over a decade, designing easy-to-use, taste-free products for optimum performance under the Platypus brand. Unmatched versatility, quality and performance define the Platypus brand collection of BPA- and phthalate-free bottles, hands-free hydration systems, water carriers, insulators, accessories and a pump-free, fast-flow gravity water filter system compatible with Platypus hydration components. The majority of Platypus products are made in the Seattle, U.S.A. and Midleton, Ireland manufacturing facilities. For more information on Platypus products, visit

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