Press Releases to Broadcast 'My Workout,' on the Lifetime Television Network

Hosted by Celebrity Trainers Jeanette Jenkins (Queen Latifah) Yumi Lee (Demi Moore, Brad Pitt, and Pink) and Ron Mathews (Jennifer Garner and Eva Mendez), and assisted by Yoga Gurus Cyndi Lee and Mark Blanchard, and the Cooper Aerobics Center

“I don’t know what to do … “
“I can’t afford a personal trainer … “
“I don’t have time … “
“I’m bored with exercise … “

Guaranteed to get you in the best shape of your life, “MY WORKOUT”…powered by launched on January 29, 2007. The revolutionary new series combines web and TV to offer a hip, refreshing approach to weight loss, nutrition and fitness. Viewers will be able to workout just like their favorite Hollywood celebrity in the comfort of their own living room. For the first time in 10 years, Lifetime Television is making a change in its early morning fitness block with the addition of “MY WORKOUT” … powered by The series began airing on Lifetime Television on January 29th and will air daily Monday through Friday at 7:30am EST/PST.

Each half hour episode is jam-packed with calorie burning exercises, unique cool down methods, and useful fitness, nutritional and health tips. “The series is similar to what users of the personal training podcasts experience,” says Teri Sundh, CEO and Co-Founder of, “we want to make getting and staying in shape fun and easy with the best instructions and information customized for each user.” When viewers join the team each morning, they will see results with a slimmer physique and healthier lifestyle. In addition to Jenkins, Lee, and Mathews, other celebrity trainers set to appear in the series include: David Kirsch, Kathy Kaehler, Kathy Smith, Ashley Borden, Nancy Kennedy, Valerie Waters and TV star/fitness fanatic Danny Bonaduce.

The Daily Format:

* Each morning a celebrity trainer will conduct a
17 minute workout with students at varying levels demonstrating and
following the steps just like the home viewers. Viewers will be
receiving world-class personal training and insights into fitness
unlike anything previously seen in daytime television.
* The trainer will take you through a workout featuring specific
exercises they use with their own celebrity clientele, from cardio to
strength to toning exercises.
* Each day will include a cool down with a celebrity Yoga instructor,
featuring stretching and relaxation exercises that go far beyond a
typical cool down.
* Throughout the show guest trainers offer useful tips on smart food
choices, easy workout ideas, new fat burning tips, and fun ways to stay
both mentally and physically healthy. ( is the premier online fitness service that uses patent pending technology to custom build virtually unlimited personal training sessions based on each user’s unique profile and objectives. Each workout session is designed and coached by the world’s elite personal trainers and coaches and is mixed with the user’s own music, so every workout has the perfect soundtrack. It’s a real personal trainer, right on your iPod or other MP3 player.

“MY WORKOUT” … powered by is Executive Produced by Burt Wheeler, Sharon Sussman, and Alan Winters. Wheeler/Sussman Productions currently produce the daily television series “Judge Alex” for Twentieth Television (Fox). Winters was formerly Executive Producer of “The Other Half” for NBC Enterprises.