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Point6 Expands Ski and Snowboard Collections with Uphill Friendly Designs for Fall 2015


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Comfy in the Skin Track: Point6 Expands Ski and Snowboard Collections with Uphill Friendly Designs for Fall 2015

Steamboat, Colo. — (Jan. 28, 2015) — Point6, specialists in performance merino wool and makers of the best wool socks ever®, expands its offerings in the snowsports category for Fall 2015. The new styles will debut at the upcoming Snowsports Industries of America (SIA) Snow Show in Denver this month. 

Just like their skin tracks heading in the hills, backcountry skiing and snowboarding continue to show the most growth in the snowsports industry and Point6 is right there with them. New for FW15, the leader in durable merino socks responds with ski-focused expansions to an already stacked lineup. 

High intensity, stop-and-go activities such as ski touring and split boarding are perfect for Point6’s durable blend of merino wool and nylon reinforcement. The natural fibers help regulate temperature and control moisture in the upper switchbacks. These new offerings feature ultralight cushioning to prevent moisture build-up, keeping feet cozy. The anatomical fit of Point6 socks complements the ultralight cushioning to keep a tight profile inside touring boots, which fights blisters late in the day.

Just like the rest of the Point6 lineup, the new backcountry options feature 100% compact spun yarn. Alongside minimal nylon structure, these tough fibers resist pilling, burring, or erosion via hotspots to expand the lifetime of the sock through many days deep in the mountains. Merino’s natural anti-microbial properties help to prevent the bacteria that cause odor, so prepare to put your socks right over the hut stove and hear no complaints.

For skiers, Point6 offers the Colorado Sky High – Ski Ultra Light, a minimalist design paired with fun new graphics inspired by the backcountry, mountain-sport culture of Colorado. Achilles and arch braces secure the sock in place and hug the foot for a precise, anatomical fit. Temperature regulating merino keeps feet dry and exceptionally comfortable for extended time in the snow. MSRP $20.95

The Ski Pro Light Parallel is designed by boot fitting specialists with light cushioning around the heel and shin with a proprietary Achilles pad to anchor the skier’s heel in place and reinforce boot fit. Anatomical fit provides long-wearing cushioning where needed most, while temperature-regulating, moisture-controlling merino wool keeps your feet warm and dry. MSRP $22.95

Split boarders can rejoice in the Snowboard Powerhouse featuring a versatile, lightweight design with slight cushioning around the calf and under foot where riders need it most. Luxuriously soft merino prevents hot spots, blisters and swamp foot with 100-percent compact spun yarn for maximum durability and comfort. MSRP $23.95 

More About Point6

Point6 socks are made from the finest merino wool using 100-percent compact spun yarns for the outdoor, snow sports, running, cycling and active lifestyle markets. Point6 founders, Peter and Patty Duke helped introduce merino wool to the outdoor industry over 20-years ago and subsequently brought Point6 to market in 2008. All Point6 socks are proudly made in the USA with imported yarns using state of the art knitting and compact-spinning technologies. The brand is unwavering in its commitment to deliver merino wool products of the utmost quality, comfort and durability. For more information, please visit