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Point6 sources directly from New Zealand

Point6 (sock manufacturer) and PGG Wrightson (NZ Merino Wool Broker) form a multi-million dollar contract to source NZ wool into the US.

Merino socks have taken America by storm this millennium. Quickly, consumers are demanding wool for their feet knowing the benefits only this fiber can provide. Gone are the days of wet, stinky, blistered toes as brands switch from synthetic and cotton hosiery to fine merino. However, not all socks are created equal. The Duke family was the first to introduce washable, next-to-skin wool to the Outdoor Industry in the 90’s. They know that the finest micron (a measurement used to define the quality of wool fibers) come from New Zealand. With the launch of Point6 in 2008, Peter and Patty Duke were determined to establish a mutual relationship with the Kiwi farmers. 


“They wanted to lift an already premium product to another levelby going to a pure New Zealand 22.5 micron wool, and becausethey work on 12 month lead times, also wanted to lock inprice stability,” said PGG Wrightson Wool business development manager, Craig Smith. The contract will result in PGG Wrightson Wool sourcing 150 tons (over 300,000 lbs) from New Zealand growers! In other words, Point6 and PGG Wrightson have not only added incredible stability for NZ farmers, but can guarantee America’s merino crave will be satisfied by herding the best wool the world has to offer into their hands.

Point6 is a Colorado Native brand. They are wool innovators and outdoor enthusiasts with a mission to bring climate controlling comfort to the lives of their customers. “Wool keeps you dry and cool in the summer, and regulates warmth in the winter. When your body’s climate is under control, you’re free to enjoy whatever it is you’re out there doing.”

–Peter Duke, Owner & CEO of Point6

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