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PORON® Vive Cushioning Puts New Meaning to the Term Runner’s High

Rogers has engineered PORON® Vive Energy Activated Cushioning specifically for athletic footwear applications that offer the best combination of long-lasting cushioning, shock absorption and energy return.

In its endeavor to continually provide innovative materials that change the marketplace, Rogers Corporation has engineered PORON® Vive Energy Activated Cushioning specifically for athletic footwear applications such as insoles and midsoles that offer the best combination of long-lasting cushioning, shock absorption and energy return.

PORON Vive Energy Activated Cushioning is a dynamic open-cell foam technology that instantly reacts to your every step. Its responsive cells reduce and redirect shock forces away from the foot and deliver a “lift off” zone for maximum propulsion and an energy-efficient stride.

By harnessing the energy of each step, footwear incorporating PORON Vive Technology actively engages during motion to push the athlete into their next step – helping to increase comfort and reduce fatigue.

“We engineered PORON Vive Cushioning with the needs of specific sports and athletes in mind,” said Brian Litke, Sr. Manager of New Product Development, Rogers High Performance Foams Division. “Its unique shock-absorbing and energy- returning characteristics make it an ideal material for athletic footwear designed for powerful acceleration, push off and quick movements.”

Litke, who led the development of PORON® XRDâ„¢ Impact Absorbing Materials, knows the importance of consistently developing market-changing technologies for Rogers’ customers.

PORON Vive Cushioning provides long-lasting durability by maintaining over 95% of its cushioning, shock absorbing and energy return characteristics throughout the life of the shoe. This helps ensure proper fit and comfort from the first run to more than the 100th.

The PORON open-cell technology also allows for comfortable airflow, breathability and moisture management. Typical EVA’s, which are closed-cell, can tend to collapse and lose shape quickly. PORON Vive Cushioning is one of the most resilient products available, and is double the resiliency of the PORON Plus Material that is currently used in many athletic cushioning applications today.

Standard in PORON Cushioning Materials, PORON Vive Cushioning is infused with Microban® Antimicrobial Protection to fight the growth of stain and odor causing bacteria, mold and mildew.

PORON Vive Cushioning is provided as a direct cast on fabric for a greener product that minimizes the use of adhesives and additional manufacturing while offering greater product flexibility and additional wear comfort.

“Whether on the road, trail or court, PORON Vive Cushioning is an insole material engineered for the long run,” added Litke.

About PORON® Cushioning
For over 40 years PORON® Cushioning has provided footwear, apparel, and protective equipment brands with a material that supports, protects, comforts, and most importantly, helps athletes stay in the race. PORON Cushioning products are durable yet flexible, so they will not wear or break down like other cushioning products. So, whether you need an insole that will last your next 50K or searching for a new helmet for the start of little league, look for the PORON Cushioning brand to insure you’re buying the best in quality and advanced technology. For more information, visit

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