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Possibly First, Potentially Annual, Winter OR Booth Crawl

Please join MacPac, Mountain Khakis, Sperry Top-Sider, and Timex from 4 to 6 on Saturday and Sunday for the Winter OR Booth Crawl.

Please join MacPac, Mountain Khakis, Sperry Top-Sider, and Timex from 4 to 6 pm on Saturday and Sunday for the possibly first, potentially annual, Winter OR Booth Crawl. All participating companies are located in a naturally circuitous route to encourage the crawling aspect of the event.

“Really it was our collective desire to create merriment and festivity in our section of the show floor that led us to each other,” said a spokesperson from one of the participating companies. “Well that and our ability to convince upper management to approve the party budget.”

Individual in-booth events include:

MacPac (booth 12345) will be hosting a “New Zealand cultural event” that will likely revolve around beer drinking and, of course, rugby (watching, not playing).

Mountain Khakis (booth 34142) will serve beer on Saturday, and on Sunday will unleash the Mountain Khakis ICE LUGE. The ice luge will feature five “runs,” each featuring a different shot. The “Corbet’s” shot is only for the very brave (much like its namesake) and will contain Bacardi 151 and Crème de Menthe. Mountain Khakis recent membership in the Conservation Alliance will be celebrated, and all proceeds from the $5 tickets, as well as a $20 per ticket donation from Mountain Khakis, will be donated to them. Tickets are available at the Mountain Khakis booth, and all who participate in the ice luge will receive a complimentary t-shirt.

Sperry Top-Sider (booth 32128) will be offering the always popular selection of beer and wine. All who visit the Sperry Top-Sider booth during the booth crawl are invited to enter into a drawing for their latest performance shoe, the Figawi 2, also named for a fun and festive sailing event. The winner will receive a certificate for the Figawi 2, to be redeemed for the proper size.

Timex (booth 12345) will be serving local beer and showing the Ironman World Championship race, as well as other relevant outdoor videos, on a 37” flat screen. Timex will also hand out free pedometers to those who visit their booth, and invite anyone who takes one to return on Sunday night between 4 and 5 pm to log their steps during the first two days of the show. The person who has taken the most steps wins a GPS system.

For more information on the booth crawl, please visit any of the aforementioned booths, or contact:

John Campbell/MacPac
Shannon Brooks Hamby/Mountain Khakis
Tess Morton/Sperry Top-Sider
Keith Meyer/Timex