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PowerICE™ Cools Down Athletes and Heats Up the Hydration Market

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, Colo. – In the past six months, PowerICE™ has handed out frozen samples at soccer tournaments, professional and amateur bike and running races and just about any other event where people show up to test themselves or compete. Based out of its home of Steamboat Springs, Colorado, the PowerICE™ team first focused their grassroots efforts in the Rockies but also traveled as far as California, Florida and Texas. Word spread about the refreshing, frozen treat that replenishes lost electrolytes and boosts performance. The result of the team’s persistence opened 150 doors by the end of August.

Grant Fenton, President of PowerICE™, recognized the opportunity and potential in this innovative product, so he invested in it and moved it to Steamboat Springs. “It’s a natural fit in this hot climate where people love to play hard outdoors, but PowerICE™ is not just for athletes. Moms are recognizing that with no high fructose corn syrup or stimulants, and all natural flavors and colors, PowerICE™ is a healthy snack for their kids. And with just 30 calories per frozen bar, they feel no guilt about enjoying one themselves,” says Fenton. The PowerICE™ sales team is working to get six-packs sold alongside performance bars on grocery shelves as well as frozen single bars sold out of the freezer section for a quick refreshing pick-me-up.

Another application for PowerICE™ is recovery after surgery or illness. PowerICE™ given to patients after surgery, instead of ice chips or sugary Popsicles, helps them stay hydrated and comfortable with the added benefit of replenishing lost electrolytes. “We’re making headway into hospitals,” Fenton states. “From the nutritionist’s point of view, recovery of the body from a strenuous athletic endeavor is not that different than recovery from surgery or the flu. Both processes need the body to be hydrated for recovery to begin to take place.”PI_Brand_Logo_2012

Currently the majority of the brand’s retailers are running, bike, or outdoor specialty shops. Fenton and his team are looking to double the number of retailers and expand into grocery stores and drug stores on a national level by the beginning of next summer.

About PowerICE™

PowerICE™ embodies the ‘Frozen Electrolyte Theory’- the concept that recovery and hydration can happen faster and more effectively when electrolytes are consumed in a frozen state. Commit to the effort and PowerICE™ will keep you going, longer, harder, naturally. In addition, PowerICE™ tastes great and has no high fructose corn syrup, stimulants, artificial colors or artificial flavors. For more information, please visit: