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PowerICE cools down Outdoor Retailer Summer Market

PowerICE™ Brings the Benefits of Frozen Hydration to Outdoor Retailer

Todd Lodwick, five time Olympian Nordic Combined skier attends OR with PowerICE

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, Colo. (July 29, 2013) – First-time Outdoor Retailer exhibitor, PowerICE™, is looking forward to the hot, dry, Salt Lake City climate typical at the August show; The PowerICE™ team anticipates the hot weather will increase demand for samples of their great tasting, frozen, hydrating ice bar. PowerICE™ is designed to enhance the performance of outdoor athletes by cooling the core body temperature while replenishing lost electrolytes. “Research shows that runners who ingested iced product before workouts in hot, humid conditions ran 19% further before exhaustion set in,” explains Blair McNamara, director of sales for PowerICE™. “Used during or after a workout, it helps an athlete recover more quickly as well,” he continues.

Based in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, home to dozens of pro and Olympic level athletes and numerous outdoor companies, PowerICE™ has tapped Steamboat local and five time Olympian Nordic Combined skier, Todd Lodwick as a spokesperson. Lodwick will be in attendance at Outdoor Retailer in the PowerICE™ booth (Pavilion 376) on Friday afternoon, August 2nd, to share his experience with PowerICE™ as a training tool. “Everyday of training has to be as productive as possible. I use PowerICE™ for recovery and to increase my endurance. It works,” exclaims Lodwick. “I’m selective about how I replenish my electrolytes. A 1.7 ounce frozen PowerICE™ bar contains only 30 calories and no high fructose corn syrup, stimulants, artificial colors or artificial flavors. The great taste is a bonus!”

In its first season in business, the company has opened over 100 retail locations in 24 states, many of which sell the bars individually or in their popular six, ten or eighteen packs. “Our growth is being fueled by the groundswell of athletes and outdoor enthusiasts who’ve tried PowerICE™ and are telling others about it,” explains McNamara. “We will use this opportunity at Outdoor Retailer to connect with more top outdoor retailers across the country. We invite all show attendees to come by, meet Todd and try a sample,” McNamara concludes.

About PowerICE™

PowerICE™ is a new option in the recovery and hydration market. Served frozen, PowerICE™ bars can enhance the performance of athletes by cooling the core body temperature, while replenishing lost electrolytes. In addition, they taste great and have no high fructose corn syrup, stimulants, artificial colors or artificial flavors. For more information, please visit: