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PowerVibe Honored With Fitness Professor Award

PowerVibe was recently named the 2011 Head of the Class Winner as Best Vibration Supplier.

PowerVibe, a Dallas, Texas based supplier of whole body vibration (WBV) products for medical, therapy, commercial, and residential use, was recently named the 2011 Head of the Class Winner as Best Vibration Supplier by Fitness Professor Review, a leading independent on-line reviewer of specialty fitness and fitness related products.

In the review, Fitness Professor noted that PowerVibe is a unique vibration supplier because they offer machines with all three types of vibration – vertical tri-planar, pivotal, or elliptical/horizontal. Rather than offering a one-size fits all approach, PowerVibe allows the consumer to choose the vibration type best suited to their goals or condition. The Professor also noted the extensive amount of information made available on the PowerVibe website both for the consumer as well as health care professionals. This information includes explanations of the 3 types of vibration and who can benefit from each, access to dozens of the research studies that establish whole body vibration as a good modality for a number of health conditions as well as for fitness, FAQ’s, and many videos that address and explain how WBV can be used in helping to treat numerous conditions.

Fitness Professor Review is not an affiliate site, meaning they do not sell products, nor do they derive commissions from the sale of products. Neither do they accept advertising money from fitness suppliers. The site was founded in 2006 by fitness industry professionals, with the express goal of delivering legitimate, unbiased, objective reviews based on real experience with fitness products.

PowerVibe, founded in 2006 by Dr. Christian Reichardt, is a full line supplier of whole body vibration products and is well established in medical, chiropractic, therapy, and athletic performance markets. PowerVibe products are used in notable institutions such as Life University, Sherman College, Southern California University of Health Sciences, and the Michael Johnson Performance Center – in addition to thousands of health professionals across the US and Canada.

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