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PowerVibe USA Launches New Campaign

PowerVibe USA announces the introduction of their new "Energize Your Life" multi-platform marketing initiative

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PowerVibe USA, a Dallas-based supplier of high quality, high value whole body vibration equipment, announces the introduction of their all-new, all-encompassing marketing initiative, titled “Energize Your Life”.

The Energize Your Life initiative will be implemented primarily through the second half of 2011, with the initial phase coming on-line in May with the introduction of all-new support materials for specialty fitness retailers, all of which feature the new tagline “Energize Your Life”. This will soon be followed by significant web updates, a targeted media outreach campaign, the introduction of a specialty dealer newsletter focused on education and sales training, and multiple dealer promotional programs (including several that will help dealers utilize social media as a tool for driving store traffic). By late Q3 and Q4, PowerVibe’s specialty dealer programs and even retail sales training will carry the Energize Your Life theme.

According to PowerVibe USA VP of sales and marketing, Scott Logan, “this initiative is an extension of our core belief that Whole Body Vibration can improve the lives of virtually any person. By helping consumers learn what an amazing modality WBV is and how it can benefit them, we think they will quickly understand how WBV can energize their lives. Since most health and fitness media are always on the lookout for exciting new technologies that will benefit their readers and viewers, it makes total sense to include them in this initiative. Finally, we want to help dealers understand how WBV can energize their business, especially if they take a leadership role in actively educating their customers about WBV. This is why the initiative contains so many elements that the dealers can apply to their businesses”

PowerVibe USA, founded in 2006 by Dr. Christian Reichardt, is a full line supplier of whole body vibration products and is well established in medical, chiropractic, therapy, and athletic performance markets. PowerVibe products are used in notable institutions such as Life University, Sherman College, Southern California University of Health Sciences, and the Michael Johnson Performance Center – in addition to thousands of health professionals in the US and Canada.

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