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Protech Puts Its Sunscreen to the Ultimate Test at Primal Quest 2006

Protech Skin Care has signed on as a sponsor for the 2006 Primal Quest Expedition Adventure Race taking place June 25 - July 4 in Southeast Utah.

Protech Skin Care has signed on as a sponsor for the 2006 Primal Quest Expedition Adventure Race taking place June 25 – July 4 in Southeast Utah. In addition to covering all of the Primal Quest athletes, staff and press, Protech also co-sponsors Team Spyder, consisting of Danelle Ballengee, Dave Mackey, Darren Clarke, and John Jacoby.

This year’s 10-day race will return to the roots of expedition racing with racers covering more than 800 km with fewer checkpoints and no support crews. Teams will rely on carried supplies and gear storage boxes placed along the course as they trek, mountain bike, horseback ride, mountaineer, canyoneer, swim and kayak through Utah’s desert landscape.

“The heat will be the single largest challenge in this year’s race,” says Primal Quest media director Gordon Wright. “Sun protection is immensely important and we are very glad to have Protech onboard.”

Protech has provided Moisturizing Sunscreen SPF 30+ and Hybrid lip balm to all athletes, volunteers, staff and media. Protech will also be supporting the competitors at the transition areas during the race.

“We always choose the most extreme events in a sport we go into to prove our product’s abilities to endure the toughest environments and activities on earth,” says Protech’s founder Melody Appleton. “In mountaineering, it’s 18 days on a glacier; in cycling, it’s Deathride; in running, it’s the Western States 100. For adventure racing, it had to be Primal Quest. Protech’s broad spectrum moisturizing formula will help keep the competitors skin healthy in the grueling conditions at this year’s Primal Quest. We are proud to be able to support this race featuring adventure racing’s top endurance athletes.”

About Protech Skin Care – defying the elements
Protechâ„¢ Skin Care has engineered a skin care line developed especially for athletes who put their body and skin through extraordinary physical and environmental challenges. Protech’s unisex moisturizing sunscreen and lip balm are the daytime skin care solutions. Protech’s Thrive® for women and Hybrid® for men complete the Protech line. Protech Skin Care products are tested only on humans in the most extreme environmental conditions. For more information visit

About Primal Quest
The ultimate test of human endurance, selfless teamwork, and relentless determination – Primal Quest ® is the world’s toughest Expedition Adventure Race ®. Held in a new international location each year adventurers from all over the world run, bike, paddle and traverse the rugged terrain in the quest to reach the finish line. For all teams, to simply complete Primal Quest is a remarkable achievement and the culmination of an incredible journey. For the exceptional few who are good enough to win Primal Quest, a $250,000 prize purse adds to the riches of being recognized as the best in the sport.