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Rackle Introduces Planet Healthy Footwear

Eco Friendly Comfort Collection Built to be Foot & Planet Healthy


BOSTON, MA. (July 2, 2020) – Introducing Rackle – a new eco smart extremely lightweight footwear brand that very well may be the most sustainable pair of shoes ever made. While the brand, which carries tag line, “Reduce Your Footprint”™, has been designed to biodegrade faster than any other contemporary shoe on the market, there is plenty of life in these hemp shoes!

“We set out to build the most planet-friendly footwear brand possible. In the concept phase we decided to build a modern shoe that considered its entire life cycle. Each question was direct and to the point: What would it be made of? How would it be built? How would we deliver the shoes and how would they be returned back to the Earth,” said Creation Director and Rackle Founder Joe Napurano.

Hemp upper material has properties that cotton, and recycled PET simply do not have. A relaxed fit and geometry unique to Rackle.


Every millimeter of these shoes has been painstakingly engineered to deliver a not just a lightweight super comfortable shoe focused on foot health, but also a sustainable shoe. Each component has been carefully selected and engineered to be sourced and manufactured to minimize waste and environmental impact – from the materials used all the way through to the kind of adhesives used, which is typically the most toxic part of the footwear manufacturing process.

Each year, 300 million pairs of shoes are thrown out in America. This is not only a reality; it is also a challenge that demands innovative thinking. The shoe industry has gotten away with building mountains of discarded shoes. It’s time for a better way of doing things.


  1. The construction requires fewer pieces than typical shoes, while keeping style in mind.
  2. The bottom is a “soft machine” in the sense that it uses three densities of foam in its platform to support and respond during a foots natural movement.
  3. Essentially, the center and the sides have different firmness densities to allow a full arch that can support healthy blood flow.
  4. The entire bottom is formed together all at once in production to avoid adhesives – resulting in a ridiculously lightweight shoe with no loss in comfort or wear. 80% less adhesive use than in other brands shoes.


Rackle’s mission is to produce the most comfortable, sustainable, and biodegradable lightweight shoes that naturally help reduce your carbon footprint. Rackle shoes are designed using sustainable hemp and rapidly-biodegradable soles that begin to breakdown 30-50 times faster than ordinary foam soles. To learn more about Rackle Please Visit:

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