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Relay Fitness Group Unleashes TriCore Indoor Cycling™ DVD

Full-Body Training DVD for the Evo Fitness Bike Created by Extreme Endurance Athlete Jack Nunn

In an effort to increase the workout effectiveness of indoor cycling on the Evo Fitness Bike, Relay Fitness Group has partnered with extreme endurance athlete and two-time Ironman Jack Nunn to create TriCore Indoor Cyclingâ„¢, a complete training program that targets the entire body to build strength, enhance endurance, and improve balance.

The TriCore Indoor Cyclingâ„¢ DVD includes a complete four-week training program, 17 comprehensive full body workouts, step-by-step technique and exercise tutorials, a day-to-day fitness schedule and a professionally mixed workout soundtrack. The combination of the Evo Fitness Bike’s swaying frame with Jack Nunn’s unique fitness training reveals an innovative, fun, heart-pumping indoor cycling workout.

“TriCore was created from my need for a full body workout as I train for my third Ironman competition,” said Jack Nunn, owner of Powerhouse Fitness in Long Beach, Calif. and creator of the TriCore Indoor Cyclingâ„¢ training program. “The Evo Fitness Bike targets the three main priorities of fitness: strength, endurance, and balance. With its swaying frame, the bike allows riders a total body workout on one machine. My TriCore Indoor Cyclingâ„¢ program furthers the capabilities of the Evo indoor cycle, rapidly increasing the user’s lower body, core and upper body strength while improving their ability to sprint and climb.”

The Evo Fitness Bike’s Core Active Sway Frameâ„¢ articulates the body movement of a natural pedal, extending the reach of a cycling workout from the lower body to a complete body-pumping exercise. Utilizing the 10-degree sway, Nunn developed each workout set within the program to work multiple assets of fitness at the same time. From high intensity conditioning to full body endurance, each sweat-inducing workout will activate the user’s core, challenge their balance and improve their stamina.

Additional features of the Evo Fitness Bike include the Orbâ„¢ Gear Drive, a gear drive system that utilizes no belts or chains. This type of planetary gear mechanism has never before been utilized in a fitness application before. The internal flywheel and brake mechanism creates a true-to-life biking experience in a durable, sleek product with less external moving parts, translating to substantially reduced maintenance needs and costs. The InfiniteFitâ„¢ Handlebars and hybrid seat positions allow the Evo indoor cycle to work for every type of athlete; from elite cyclists who thrive in the aerodynamic position, to casual exercisers who prefer the upright position. Furthering the Evo Fitness Bike’s commitment to all exercisers, a standard crank and pedal system with toe cages and SPD clips invites both cycling-specific shoes and gym shoes. Completing the package is non-slip grip handles, two water bottle holders, and unique upgrades including the Evo Computer and racing-style saddle.

The TriCore Indoor Cyclingâ„¢ training program retails for $39.99 and is exclusively available for purchase at Find out more about Relay Fitness Group and the Evo Fitness Bike at

About Relay Fitness Group:
Relay Fitness Group is Fitness. Unchained. Founded in 2011 and based in Costa Mesa, Calif., Relay Fitness Group is a leading developer and manufacturer of revolutionary fitness equipment. Leveraging decades of experience, Relay Fitness Group created a gear drive system that make fitness equipment smaller, safer, and easier to maintain with less wear and tear and reduced downtime. The Evo Fitness Bike, the first product line from Relay Fitness Group, is a revolutionary indoor cycle that changes how people work out by delivering an authentic, fun cycling experience while working the core in a full-body workout. For more information about Relay Fitness Group and its line of indoor cycles, visit
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