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Renovo Hardwood Bicycles Offers Demo-at-Home Program in U.S

Renovo launches its HomeRide online purchasing program

Portland, OR. — March 15, 2018 


Renovo Bikes, the original manufacturer of hollow frame wood bikes handmade in the U.S., launches HomeRide, a program that delivers the customer’s bike of choice to their doorstep for a one week trial period on their home turf. If not satisfied with the bike, it can be returned for a full refund less, return freight.

“For the previous ten years we made only custom bikes and our customers loved them, but at-home demo bikes didn’t work because each bike was different,” said Renovo President Ken Wheeler. “We are now producing standardized bikes, which are available from stock to send to riders for test riding anywhere in the lower 48.”

The bike arrives fully tuned and ride tested, so with the minor assembly, the prospective owner can be riding the bike 15 minutes after receiving it and has one week to evaluate it. If they decide to return it, repacking is as simple as the unboxing, and Renovo handles the shipping details. The customer will be charged standard rates for return shipping.

A key to this program is the simplicity of unboxing the bike — Renovo’s innovative SuperBikeBox has been engineered to be the easiest bicycle unboxing experience possible. Removing the bike consists of simply opening the box and lifting the bike out out of its foam nest, and assembly is merely attaching the front wheel and handlebars. Full illustrated directions, a video and the two necessary tools are provided while the box itself serves as a bike stand for assembly.

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About Renovo Hardwood Bicycles:

Renovo introduced the first hollow frame hardwood bicycle to the world in 2007 and has since developed a full range of road, gravel, mountain and city bikes. From the first prototypes to the latest state-of-the-art models, every Renovo model is fully engineered for its purpose, designed and virtually tested on computer, physically load tested, machined with industrial level computer controlled routers, CNCs, and beautifully hand finished by skilled craftspeople. This complex process along with years of producing bikes of wood guarantees consistent performance, quality, durability and justifies Renovo’s lifetime and five-year warranties on road and mountain bike frames, respectively. Renovo bikes are made in the U.S.


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