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Ritchey Design Hires New General Manager

Ming Tan, former director of marketing at Ritchey Design, re-joins the team with extensive industry management experience

SAN CARLOS, Calif. – March 24, 2010 – Ritchey Design, Inc. recently hired Ming Tan as its new general manager with responsibility for the Ritchey Design and Syncros Applied Technology brands in North America. Tan replaces former Ritchey Design General Manager Steve Parke who resigned from his position earlier this year.

In his 14 consecutive years as a bike industry professional Tan has worked in a variety of capacities including sales, product development, product management, merchandising and senior management. Tan comes to Ritchey Design from LOOK Cycle USA where he was the vice president and general manager for nearly four years. At LOOK Cycle USA Tan was responsible for all aspects of the company’s business in the United States and held profit-and-loss responsibility.

Before joining LOOK Cycle USA Tan was the director of marketing at Ritchey Design from 2005 to 2006 for the Ritchey Design and Syncros brands.

“Ritchey’s past and present leadership has created a great framework to define and achieve its business goals and forge strong relationships in the IBD channel,” said Tan. “I’m returning to Ritchey with added management experience and a deeper understanding of the bike business, and I’m confident I will be able to add to the team’s business savvy and perspective.”

Ritchey Design’s search criteria for the general manager position included management experience within the bike industry in all phases of the business and appreciation for Ritchey Design’s corporate culture, including management style and staff loyalty.

“It is clear that Ming’s investment in Ritchey Designs’ brands and management skill set will make him an asset to our team,” said John Frechette, chief operating officer for Ritchey Design. “We are very comfortable with this appointment knowing that Ming understands and shares our corporate values and our ethical standards.”

About Ritchey Design, Inc.
Northern California-based Ritchey Design was founded by road racer, mountain bike pioneer and product innovator Tom Ritchey in 1974. The company is well known for its technical merits through attention to detail during the product design phase, resulting in high-quality, reasonably priced road and mountain bike components. Under its Fit Logic philosophy, Ritchey Design offers a wide range of “cockpit” components (handlebars, stems and seatposts) that help riders custom fit their bikes for a more efficient and comfortable. Ritchey Design also offers a complete line of innovative products ranging from headsets to tires for professional racers and the serious weekend rider, as well as its line of “Break-Away” travel bicycles for traveling cyclists. For more information about Ritchey Design, please visit

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