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Road ID Infiltrates Tour de France Telecasts

Versus Network Crew Sporting Specialized Identification Product

Erlanger, KY – (July 7, 2010) – When Bob Roll gets excited during his hosting duties for the U.S. broadcast of the Tour de France, his gestures become as expressive as the Italian racers he’s describing. And on his wrist is a signature identification product familiar to many serious cyclists: the Road ID.

Road ID has developed the premiere line of identification products that are as ubiquitous a cultural marker as shaved legs in cycling, and Roll isn’t the only Versus on-air talent that is sporting the product. Phil Liggett, Paul Sherwen, Robbie Ventura and Craig Hummer all wear Road IDs too, giving the Erlanger, Kentucky company tremendous on-air exposure during cycling’s biggest and most prestigious event.

The company began working with Roll, Hummer, and former pro racer Ventura prior to the 2009 event and added Liggett and Sherwen to their stable this year. Roll hosts his own video blog on Road ID’s website: Roll Call, which allows the host to answer questions put to him by Road IDs Facebook and Twitter fans – questions that include, “Where can you get a burrito in France?” (Café Pacifico in Paris, according to Roll), and, “What wines would you suggest?” (Roll suggests any 2005 Burgundy).

As Roll noted in the 2009 Tour telecast on Versus, “Where I ride, there are some seriously mean streets. I’ve seen every scenario imaginable from people eating Happy Meals to reading the newspaper while they’re driving. Do not leave home without a Road ID.” That sentiment is echoed by all the on-air talent, who expressly advocate for the importance of wearing Road IDs while cycling and being active.

The personal relationship with the on-air talent extends to the Versus network itself, as Road ID has both on-air advertising and an in-show integration at the end of every Tour de France stage, entitled the “Road ID Ride of the Day.”

The company also has a significant online presence with Versus, including traditional banner ad units, pre-roll video ads and a special promotion executed both online and on-air. The ads focus on the company’s brand ambassadors and the importance of the product, as well as Road ID’s Tour Giveaway program that raises money for charity and offers more than $13,000 in prizes — including a 2011 Trek Madone.

The company’s line of customized IDs is an integral part of any active person’s gear and can be worn on the wrist, shoe, ankle, or around the neck. Each Road ID is designed to give medically trained first responders the information they need to immediately contact family members, access medical information and prevent serious delays in case of injury. Beyond the Versus on-air talent, other Road ID ambassadors include two-time Ironman World Champion Craig Alexander, pro cyclists Levi Leipheimer, Scott Nydam and Liz Hatch, and ultramarathoner Dean Karnazes.

About Road ID

Road ID was born in the fall of 1999, when Edward Wimmer was training for a marathon and had a close encounter with a motorist. His father, Co-Founder Mike Wimmer, had voiced concern regarding the fact that Edward did not carry ID during training. The near miss was the catalyst for the creation of wearable ID gear for outdoor enthusiasts. Road ID now offers a variety of models including the Wrist ID Sport, the Wrist ID Elite, the Ankle ID, the Shoe ID, and the Fixx ID (necklace) and is a staple for professional and amateur athletes alike. For more information about Road ID, visit: