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Rock/Creek's Two North Shore Location Now LEED Certified

Rock/Creek's flagship location at The Two North Shore shopping center has officially been approved to be Chattanooga's first LEED Certified retail development, officials said.

Chattanooga, TN — The Two North Shore shopping center has officially been approved to be Chattanooga’s first LEED Certified retail development, officials said.

The consultant team from Energy Ace noted that Two North Shore is one of the first developments of its kind in the state of Tennessee.

Meleah Smith of Two North Shore said, “This historic accomplishment basically means that Two North Shore has been created from the ground up with the goal of making our community environment more sustainable, pure and enjoyable. Based on each particular sustainable and renewable element of the development, the United States Green Building Council is now finalizing how high a level Two North Shore’s certification will reach.”

Rock/Creek’s Mark McKnight said, “Rock/Creek wants to look back at a practical history of commitment, a legacy of conservation and community development, and we believe that Two North Shore fits in with those principles. It’s built on what used to be an industrial wasteland, and the interventions that have been done actually reduce the property’s environmental impact. We’re collecting rainwater instead of creating more runoff and we’re re-using materials instead of relying on all virgin materials.”

In keeping with Two North Shore’s commitment to take care of and enjoy the earth’s resources, officials are celebrating their Second Annual Earth Day Festival Saturday, April 25. The day will include free blow-up games, artisans displaying and working on art created from recycled materials, awards for a children’s art competition about taking care of the earth, outdoor yoga classes, many wonderful green (earth-friendly or sustainable) products, opportunities to learn about green groups improving the community, the chance to learn about Two North Shore’s cutting edge environmentally friendly LEED certified building, lots of organic and locally grown food, education on Village Wolkswagen’s low emission vehicles, and more.

“I’m very proud of the shopping center we’ve created, not only because it is the first LEED certified shopping center in Chattanooga, but because it’s so unique,” noted Two North Shore property manager Krista Steere. “Shopping at Two North Shore is an experience like nothing else you’ll find in Chattanooga.

Two North Shore is located on the north side of the river on Manufacturers Road just over the Market Street or highway 27 bridges from downtown.

Rock/Creek has been operating in its Two North Shore location since October 2, 2007. For photos of the move from the old location, visit Rock/Creek’s flickr photostream.

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