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Samsonite OutLab presents the SLOTH Upright Armalith

Probably the most durable and tough outdoor bag in the world, Samsonite OutLab's new Sloth Upright Armalith® is not only extremely robust, it is also absolutely stunning.

June 2008. The Sloth Upright Armalith® is one of the unique products that make up this amazing line. Probably the most durable and tough outdoor bag in the world, the new Sloth Upright Armalith® is not only extremely robust, it is also absolutely stunning. This hybrid bag combines the strength of a hard bottom shell with a lightweight, functional, yet super resistant soft top made entirely from the legendary Armalith® fabric, the first time ever this material is used in a bag, making it the ultimate piece of luggage to bring along on the most extreme of expeditions through any conditions in any remote and savage environment. It also comes with sturdy and impressive all terrain wheels that can be pulled anywhere.

Armalith®, is a new generation of hard wearing textile which combines high tech fibre and cotton. It is much tougher than leather, yet has the appearance, suppleness and permeability of denim. Usually used in military, space or offshore industries, thanks to the 34% content of high-tech fibre, this new single layered material resists scuffing and heat from friction to an amazing extent. Probably the most resistant fabric in the world, the breaking limit of this material is over 10 tons. Armalith® is often used in motor bike clothing due to its amazing resistance and protection characteristics. This is a fabric that is light, breathable, absorbent, washable, but above all, abrasion, snag and tear resistant. Tough yet soft, truly an amazing combination.

To reflect Samsonite’s commitment to developing the ultimate outdoor travel solutions, Samsonite OutLab has worked with one of the world’s greatest explorers, Fabien Cousteau, the grandson of renowned captain Jacques Cousteau, in the development its highly technical and stylish line of luggage – SLOTH. This is truly a collection that will stand the test of time. Fabien Cousteau uses and tests these bags on his expeditions throughout the globe, from the Amazon to the Arctic Circle. Fabien commented, “I was really inspired by the idea of working with Samsonite OutLab, applying my experience and knowledge, to help develop and design a new outdoor range. During our expeditions we encounter some of the most extreme and remote conditions on this planet. There’s no better real world test for man or gear.”

Samsonite has always been at the heart of the true adventurer; in 1910, when the company was founded, travel was for the brave and the intrepid – true explorers; and the company’s products reflected the harsh realities of travel in those days. Samsonite OutLab combines the brand’s 98 years of heritage, unrivalled travel expertise, outdoor experience and technical know-how with an innovative and technical performance and lifestyle product offer.

Samsonite OutLab retains complete exclusivity in the use of Armalith® fabric for the creation of outdoor travel bags.