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Sarah Hammer Goes for Olympic Gold in London

Leading up to the London Games, Sarah Hammer, 4-Time World Champion Cyclist, has upped her training once again. Utilizing Power Plate® Technology before the Beijing Olympics Sarah was able to come back from a terrible back injury and remain competitive in the sport. In 2012 Sarah, with Power Plate as her secret weapon, is poised to take the gold. Power Plate technology utilizes scientifically-proven Advanced Vibration Technology that naturally stimulates muscle reactions 25–50 times per second, stimulating the recruitment and activation of fast-twitch white muscle fibers, perfect for athletes who rely on explosive power and lightning fast reflexes.

“When races are decided by a fraction of a second, I need the absolute best training equipment—and my Power Plate machine is it! Before the Beijing Olympics, I had the worst back injury in my career,” Sarah Hammer stated. “Not only did the Power Plate machine get me healthy enough to win more world titles for Team USA, but it also gave me the strength I needed to set two new world records! Power Plate training keeps me healthy and gives me that extra edge over my competitors.”

“Sarah Hammer is an amazing story of how a dedicated athlete can come back from adversity, and Power Plate is proud to support Sarah in her drive to the podium in London,” Mark de Gorter, President of Power Plate North America said. “The way she has been able to elevate her performance by using Power Plate speaks volumes to how our product can help not only world class athletes, but anyone looking to improve personal performance”

Power Plate technology provides one of the most efficient and dynamic total-body workouts in less than 30 minutes. Power Plate Acceleration Training is the perfect addition to any fitness regimen where the goal is to increase explosive strength, balance, muscular endurance and overall agility; this is why many Olympic athletes and training facilities such as Mark Verstegen’s Athletes’ Performance and IMG Academies turn to Power Plate.

About Power Plate
Used by elite athletes such as tennis greats Serena Williams and Rafael Nadal, and baseball players Dustin Pedroia of the Boston Red Sox, Justin Morneau of the Minnesota Twins and Evan Longoria of the Tampa Bay Rays, Power Plate® equipment benefits include: increased fitness, strength, muscle tone, flexibility, bone density, range of motion, blood circulation and lymphatic system activation. The complete Power Plate line of fitness equipment is designed for health clubs, wellness centers, spas, hospitals, physical therapy and rehabilitation clinics, professional and collegiate athletic training facilities, private fitness trainers and home use. Power Plate is headquartered in Irvine, Calif.