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Scapegoat's Considered Details Seen in OR Booth

You can’t showcase an exciting new brand with a progressive perspective on design in the equivalent of a cardboard box. Or can you?

Boulder, CO – You can’t showcase an exciting new brand with a progressive perspective on design in the equivalent of a cardboard box. Or can you? The design collaborative that is set to launch Scapegoat at OR Winter Market decided that it was not only possible, but a statement in modern design and sustainability.

Jason Olden and Eric Lyon, the men behind the brand, brought in Steve Perce, a local Boulder designer and longtime friend, to create an original space that would showcase Scapegoat’s unique jacket designs which pair the expected with the unexpected, reflect the vibe and vision of the brand and be both economical and sustainable. It was a daunting design request, but Olden and Lyon believed that their product design philosophy held true here as well- quality is seen in the details.

Designer, Steve Perce, provided the following commentary:
Booth Aesthetics

I followed the ideas inherent in the development of the jacket line as well as the sales strategy. The booth design is based on that of a small boutique store, rather than a large open showroom. To create this intimate feel, we chose materials that are both unique and easily recognizable for the walls, roof, and floor. We also hired, Mark Hunter, a custom builder to make all the custom fixtures that showcase the product.

The floor is a finished plywood, while the walls and ceiling are made of a craft paper honeycomb cardboard used in the shipping industry. All the exterior walls will be built in place at the show creating a large monolithic block that has an incredibly rich texture from the cross cutting of the honeycomb material. The booth has very little signage allowing the wall material of the booth to create the presence on the floor.

Economy and Sustainability

Most companies create new trade show booths every three to five years, tossing the old ones in the land fill. We wanted to ensure that the Scapegoat booth avoided this same fate. Every component of the booth will be reused or recycled. The cabinet pieces and light fixtures will be reused in the office showroom in Boulder and the floor will be reused for the next booth. The wall material is made from 100% post consumer recyclable material and uses food quality vegetable based glues. At the end of the show, the wall material will be recycled the cabinet fixtures and floor will be taken back to the Boulder offices. The cost of having to buy more wall material for the next show is easily offset by not having to truck it back to Colorado, pay for storage, as well as maintenance to keep it looking good. This built-in economy and foresight will allow Scapegoat to create a new booth next year that is as fresh and new as their products.

Check out Scapegoat’s booth and products at OR Winter Market, January 27-30 in Salt Lake City, UT (booth 36191).

Steve Perce is a designer with 22 West Design in Boulder, Colorado.