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Schoeller Technologies launches energear™ as textile printing

energear™ stands is a new textile technology ensuring the body's energy is reflected back. Now available as a pint paste, it will be launched in North America at Outdoor Retailer.

Qi – two letters that spell the most important thing of all: vital energy. The free flow of Qi has been the focus of attention in eastern medicine for centuries and now many more people are discovering that their performance potential is more intensive when the balance and flow of energy are right. This is exactly where energearTM from Schoeller comes into play. The new system is based on the well-known properties of certain minerals to reflect Far Infrared Rays and thus reflecting back the body’s energy. The effect is remarkable, as confirmed by first tests in practice (see box).

How energearâ„¢ works

Humans constantly radiate or emit energy in form of Far Infrared Rays. Fabrics with energearTM ensure that this energy is reflected back to the body. This reflection can increase circulation and oxygen levels in the blood. The additional energy can result in performance enhancement and the reduction of premature fatigue, improved regeneration, shorter warm-up times, and an increase in concentration and wellbeing.

Mineral printing in metal look

The energearâ„¢ textile technology was developed in 2010 for Schoeller textiles. Now it is available for additional markets. energearâ„¢ can be integrated into the fabric is different ways: through membranes, coatings (Schoeller Textil AG) or now via textile printing (Schoeller Technologies AG). To harness the benefits of this technology for a textile print, a minimum of 30% of a shirt or other garment can be finished with the laundry-permanent energearâ„¢ print. Schoeller Technologies has developed some design suggestions for the purpose. Depending on the blend, the printing paste with energearâ„¢ results in a grey to silver-metallic look. This process is generating enormous interest and is being officially launched at Outdoor Retailer in North America.
Please visit booth # 39051 to learn more.

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