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Sea to Summit Brand Ambassador, Rebecca Rusch, takes on Mt Kilimanjaro


Boulder, CO; February 24, 2016 – Sea to Summit’s valued Brand Ambassador, Rebecca Rusch, takes on Africa for World Bike Relief.

Sea to Summit is excited to support Rebecca Rusch, world champion and Red Bull athlete, (aka The Queen of Pain) with her most recent humanitarian initiative; an ascent of Mount Kilimanjaro.

“I love a monumental challenge like this, and it’s even more meaningful if our adventure can help change the world,” comments Rebecca. The team’s journey up Mount Kilimanjaro is a true parallel to the local villagers and the bike rides they make every day to survive.

Rebecca and expedition partner, Patrick Sweeney, are currently embarking on a self-supported expedition to summit Mount Kilimanjaro for World Bicycle Relief. To conquer the 19,341 foot African peak by foot is no small feat, but Rebecca and Patrick will ascend with their mountain bikes and descend by the same means of transport, with the goal to help mobilize others.

Partnered with World Bicycle Relief, the duo’s grueling ascent up Mount Kilimanjaro will assist with raising funds to supply new bicycles to 100 local African students. World Bike Relief assists remote communities in Africa by providing bicycles for transportation to improve access to education, healthcare and other economic opportunities.

To learn more about and track Rebecca’s Mount Kilimanjaro climb, including her visit to a World Bicycle Relief site in Kenya, visit her website here: #bikekili

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