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Sequoia Fitness Offers Dealers “Not Going to the Show Show Specials"

Sequoia Fitness Products USA is offering dealers a pre / post / not going to the trade show special as a summer promotion.

Sequoia Fitness Products USA is pleased to offer its retail dealers a summer show special. For the most part, these sale prices are 30% below wholesale, making it a worthwhile incentive to purchase in this 3 week window. Plus, to sweeten the deal, volume incentives up to another 15% off are being offered.

For example, the company’s flagship Warrior Digital Body Mass Caliper is only $14. And if the incentives are applied, would effectively be $12.50. The company’s manual plastic caliper – MetaCal is only $1.25.

“How can Sequoia Fitness offer prices so low?” Says Matt Chalek, spokesman, “It helps when you have some factory ownership and can control the supply chain. We want to offer a limited time promotion for dealers to try our items or to enhance their existing stock.”

These deals are effective immediately through August 13.
Dealers can receive a copy of the special promotion by emailing Matt Chalek at All of Sequoia’s products are visible on