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SGMA Sets Future Trade Show Strategy, New Focus In 2007

Today the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association (SGMA) announced a trade show strategy focused on two new market events for next year. SGMA confirmed that The Super Show/2006 will be the last.

Beginning in 2007, the sporting goods industry will have new trade show options. Today the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association (SGMA) announced its response to the changing industry dynamics – a trade show strategy focused on two new market events for next year. SGMA confirmed that The Super Show/2006 will be the last.

In 2007, SGMA will launch the SGMA Spring Market® and the SGMA Fall Market®, spotlighting seasonal selling cycles and targeting retail segments which are critical to these cycles yet geographically diverse to reach. Both events will draw specialty and trendsetting retailers, independent, regional, and small retailers, and team dealers.

•SGMA Spring Market – June 2007, Las Vegas – highlighting Holiday and Q1 deliveries
•SGMA Fall Market – October 2007, East Coast – highlighting Back to School and Q3 deliveries

According to SGMA President and CEO Tom Cove, the sporting goods industry still wants and needs a national event to access retailers and convene as a community. “SGMA recognizes there has been a shift in manufacturer/retailer relationships, and our members are eager to reach the specialty and trendsetting retailers that are important to their success. We are proud to produce two new events targeted towards this vital segment of the business and facilitate more efficient and productive sales opportunities for our members.”

Cove underscored the responsibility of SGMA to create profitable retailer relationships for member companies. “Since 1957, SGMA has consistently provided an industry venue that has met the needs of buyers, team dealers, retailers, manufacturers, and vendors in the sporting goods industry. In our continued evolution, we are responding to industry needs. These world-class events will feature cutting edge education, networking, and media promotion, as well as appropriately-timed sales presentations and exhibits. SGMA is committed to delivering the most favorable climate for the sporting goods industry to grow and flourish.”

“The SGMA Board of Directors stands firmly behind this decision and feels the sporting goods industry will be better served by these two new events,” said SGMA Chairman Tom Rogge (President, Cramer Products, Inc.). “Timing these new markets with key industry cycles is essential, and helping our members reach these targeted retail segments will be an important catalyst for growth. The Board feels confident that the SGMA Spring and Fall Markets will be dynamic venues for our industry.”

Exhibitor and other attendee registrations for the new SGMA Markets will be available beginning in mid-January 2006.
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