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Sherpa Adventure Gear Spring '12 Line Focuses on Travel and Lifestyle

Travelers to Nepal find a place rich with co-mingled cultures in an unparalleled mountain setting. Sherpa Adventure Gear captures the spirit in its versatile Spring '12 line. The company exhibits in Booth #36041 at Outdoor Retailer.

Travelers to Nepal find a place rich with co-mingled cultures in an unparalleled high mountain setting. Sherpa Adventure Gear captures the spirit in its Spring ’12 line — versatile for travel, hiking and any outdoor use, as well as for everyday wear. The company exhibits in Booth #36041 at Outdoor Retailer.

The Sherpa line features a large assortment of new apparel styles, including shorts, shirts, pants and much more. A few highlights for spring ’12 include:

Men’s and Women’s Graphic Tees

Sherpa Adventure Gear captures the inspiration of Nepal—where it is headquartered—with its 8-piece collection of graphic art tees. The Monkey Tee (shown here) celebrates the ancient temple complex located high above the Kathmandu Valley, known for its important Buddhist and Hindu temples, stunning views, and often-boisterous monkeys. The Tingba Tee is adorned all over with subtle and flowing Tibetan cloud and mountain imagery.

Men’s Kriti Jacket: light soft shell

The men’s Kriti Jacket puts a little something between you and unpredictable weather. Light and streamlined, this soft shell is a close-fitting stretchy second skin that’s breathable and water- and wind-resistant. Functional features include zip pockets, an offset front zipper that tucks into a zipper garage, thumb loops and articulated elbows. Sherpa Adventure Gear also makes a hooded Kriti styled for women.

Nyano Jacket: Polartec® fleece jacket

This streamlined and styled up fleece jacket gives the comfort of a sweatshirt but so much more. The Nyano’s 100% Polartec® Classic Micro fleece is a proven warmth-for-weight performer: breathable, light, and just the right warmth for throwing on (alone or under a shell) when the sun sets down or the chill sets in. The women’s Nyano gets enticing stitch lines that flow up one arm, across the chest and back yoke, then down the other arm.

Kanchan and Kipu: hot weather technical tees

A tech tee for the hottest of days, the Kanchan (for men) and Kipu (for women) will keep you cool and dry while providing sun protection and a layer between you and your pack. Two fabrics combine to work for you when things get warm and steamy: The stretch mesh at the back ventilates, while super stretchy, soft, Xylitol-infused IceFil® fabric reacts with your sweat to reduce skin temperatures. Furthermore, this fabric’s moisture-wicking construction delivers sun protection, anti-bacterial protection and is quick to dry.

To see the Sherpa Adventure Gear collection for spring ’12, please visit booth #36041 at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market from August 4-7, 2011.


About Sherpa Adventure Gear

Sherpa Adventure Gear ( was founded in 2003 by Tashi Sherpa, who was inspired to start the company when he discovered that his uncle was one of the Sherpa on Sir Edmund Hilary’s celebrated first-ever expedition to the top of Mount Everest in 1953. Sherpa Adventure Gear—which manufacturers apparel for mountain and outdoor adventures—honors the unsung Sherpa heroes who make high altitude Himalayan climbs possible for others by carrying the loads, laying the ropes and guiding the way. Sherpa athlete-ambassadors test and help design Sherpa Adventure Gear products, most of which are manufactured in Nepal. Sherpa Adventure Gear employs over 150 people in Nepal, and in 2009, furthered its local commitment when it opened a facility in downtown Kathmandu which houses its headquarters, the flagship Sherpa Gear House store, and The Terrace bed and breakfast. Two more stores opened in 2010, in Namche and Pokahara, Nepal. The company’s marketing and sales office is in Renton, Washington. Sherpa Adventure Gear donates a portion of every sale to organizations that benefit the Sherpa people, such as the Sherpa Education Fund.