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Sierra Designs athlete Ryan Waters successfully summits Lhots

On May 19, 2011, Waters, with teammates Lakpa Dorjee Sherpa and Sophie Denis, stood atop the world’s fourth tallest peak

BOULDER, COLO. (For Immediate Release) – Experienced Himalayan mountaineer and Sierra Designs-sponsored athlete Ryan Waters, along with teammates Lakpa Dorjee Sherpa and Sophie Denis, recently completed a successful summit of the 8516-meter Lhotse, the fourth tallest peak on earth.

Situated next to Mount Everest along the spine of the Himalaya, Lhotse requires the same set of skills needed to summit its more well-known and well-publicized neighbor. Proper planning, experience, and equipment are essential to a successful summit bid.

“A big thanks to Sierra Designs for all the support they have given me in this expedition,” said Ryan Waters, Sierra Designs sponsored athlete. “The last thing you want to do is worry about your gear when you’re at this altitude. Sierra Designs tents and apparel excelled in this challenging environment, giving me the confidence to focus fully on the summit.”

Sierra Designs supplied this expedition with several essential pieces of gear, including the Grand Mothership, Mountain Meteor, and Convert 3 tents as well as the Gnar jacket, Mantra jacket, Fusion pants, and Fiend jacket and pants,

Starting at Everest Base Camp on April 17, Waters, Sherpa, and Denis spent several weeks acclimating while moving tents and equipment up the mountain, with sights set on a May 19 summit bid.

Despite a steady snowfall the night before and a partially fixed route to the top, Waters and his team set out at 4 a.m. to tackle the summit.

The weather held and the climbers enjoyed warm temperatures and low winds on their way to the top of Lhotse.

Signing on as a Sierra Designs sponsored athlete earlier this year, Waters plans to summit Kilimanjaro in June with a trip to Nepal to climb Manaslu slated for September. Sierra Designs will supply equipment and apparel for both of these trips.

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