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Sierra Designs Gets Back In The Sack With Flex

Sierra Designs Gets Back In The Sack With Flex, Evolves Green Effect Program At Booth #25039, Outdoor Retailer Summer Market

Sierra Designs has found a way to bring the Flexâ„¢ and Green programs back in the sack with its new 2008 product line-up that will be unveiled at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, August 9-11, 2007 in Salt Lake City, UT.

“We are aggressively transforming our business and getting back in the sack with our improved Flex technology, as well as our Green Effect program for retailers, consumers and staff,” said Paul Gagner, president of Sierra Designs and Ultimate Direction. “For the past 42 years, we have been at the forefront of the industry crafting lighter, stronger, better gear for adventurers. We have committed to designing truly innovative products, and at the same time ‘greening’ our company in hopes of getting our users into the backcountry and minimizing their environmental footprint.”

For 2008, Sierra Designs is bringing back its ever-so-popular Flex sleeping bags in a lighter-weight package, as well as being one of the first manufactures to implement sustainable and recyclable materials within its bag collection. In the late-90’s, Sierra Designs did benchmark sleep research that identified bag constriction as the primary cause of waking up at night – Flex virtually eliminates constriction, making for a better nights sleep. The new ultralight category incorporates Flex in the bag’s mid portion for less weight and the 3-season down category provides full Flex technology that enables knee and hip movement. Additionally, the company continues to build upon its Green Effect Programâ„¢ with the new Verde 20, Déjà vu 20, Nahche 0 and Winema 0, which use 90 percent plus green materials. This includes Climashieldâ„¢ Green, Primaloftâ„¢ Recycled, Coconaâ„¢ lining material and the EcoSensorâ„¢ recycled shell material to illustrate the company’s commitment to the environment and the community. Finally, the 2008 Echo and Electra, -20 and 0 degree bags are designed with Sierra Designs proprietary Funk!Offâ„¢, an ingredient primarily made of Titanium Oxide which is activated by visible light to provide self cleaning that in-turn, neutralizes odor and bacteria.

Sierra Designs is known for being the experts in building the lightest, fastest and strongest tents in the industry. For 2008, the company launches the highly innovative, 4-season, Convert 2, with an external pole feed to internal pole sleeves. The tent comes with removable Jake’s Cornersâ„¢ on the inside as well as an Air Flow Vent System to increase the strength during harsh weather conditions, and a removable vestibule. In addition, due to consumer requests, the company has brought back the popular, 4-season, Stretch Tiros 2. The new ultralight Velox series comes in a one (3 pounds), two (4 pounds 2 ounces) and three-person (5 pounds) version and provides a hybrid single and double-wall construction for fast and light set-up and use.

Additionally, Sierra Designs has married two of its favorite tents together, the Electron and the Reverse Combi to create the Electron RC 2 with Spider Hubâ„¢, an innovation which keeps all poles locked in one place. Finally, the new base camp Bedouin Annex 4+2 adds an additional bug-free mesh room to the front of the popular Bedouin 4 for more room and comfort. Overall, the tents have been improved for strength and ease-of-use with the updated Quick Pitch Swivel Hubâ„¢ with H-Clipâ„¢ providing more tension as well as the new Dye-Free Optic White Canopiesâ„¢, PVC-free seam taping and the DAC® NSL pole program with environmentally friendly anodization to illustrate the company’s commitment to the environment and its Green Effect Program.

In addition to its new innovations in sleeping bags and tents, Sierra Designs has made a commitment to developing its apparel line with equal parts performance, quality and earth-friendly materials. Most specifically, the company has introduced its Catalystâ„¢ fabrics with Coconaâ„¢, which is a knit fabric that provides outstanding wicking, odor control and UV protection. The new Spectra Ecoliteâ„¢ series is a lightweight material made from post-consumer recycled polyester. In addition, the new Quick Dry Stretchâ„¢ program improves functionality, movement and drying capabilities with the incorporation of stretch fabrics. The women’s Revivalâ„¢ tops and new Radiant Stretch also have four-way stretch. Overall, the Sierra Designs apparel category is versatile and durable enough to be put through harsh conditions and green enough to leave less of an environmental footprint.

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