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Sierra Designs helps Resources for Rangers program in Southern Kenya

Donation of Lightning XT tents helps South Rift Game Scouts patrol for poachers, illegal timber harvesters, and charcoal producers

BOULDER, COLO. (For Immediate Release) – Sierra Designs is donating five Lightning XT 2 and Lightning XT 3 tents to help support Africa’s South Rift Game Scouts, a program that employs young, indigenous Maasai men to protect endangered wildlife and forests from poachers as well as illegal logging and charcoal operations.

With assistance from the international conservation organization ConserVentures and the African Conservation Centre in Nairobi, these tents will provide much needed shelter for the South Rift Game Scouts who patrol vast expanses of Southern Kenya on bicycles, motorcycles, and foot.

“We are happy to help such a worthwhile cause,” said Sue Edmiston, Sierra Designs marketing director. “As an outdoor equipment manufacturer, we have a keen interest in helping to preserve the beauty and diversity of the earth’s natural places, whether they be out our back door or on the other side of the planet.”

The tents will be supplied to a team of 36 new scouts who are part of an important anti-poaching unit. The team also serves as community liaisons while they track animal movements and collect other information for scientists studying elephants, lions, and cheetahs in the region.

“These tents will help the scouts immensely when they have to stay overnight in the bush – which they do frequently,” said Roseann Hanson, founder of ConserVentures. “Because they operate with limited funds, they get around by motorcycle, bicycle, or foot. Having a nice tent is a huge comfort for them, since they typically sleep under a tree or at a temporary “boma” (herder’s camp). Tents are especially nice in tsetse fly country and where there are plenty of venomous snakes, not to mention curious hyenas, leopards and lions.”

The new South Rift Game Scouts Association is just getting started, and needs basic equipment just to operate. They patrol a vast area including the Southern Kenyan communities of Shompole, Olkiramatian, and Mt. Suswa, all of which established conservation areas and have new tourist enterprises.

The Lightning series tents are designed to be ultralight, durable, and easy to set up. With abundant mesh panels, these tents perform exceptionally well in warmer climates.

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