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Sierra Designs resolves monumental mummy bag deficiencies, launches exciting new sleep systems for 2014

Backcountry Bed, Mobile Mummy, & Backcountry Quilt give backpackers outstanding comfort, performance, and a better night’s sleep


BOULDER, COLO. (For Immediate Release) – Sierra Designs, industry leader in outdoor equipment and apparel innovation, is re-imagining overnight comfort and performance with the introduction of the Backcountry Bed, Mobile Mummy, and Backcountry Quilt, three new DriDown™ insulated sleep solutions that surmount monumental deficiencies in the traditional mummy-style sleeping bag.

Mummy bags work somewhat like a stay-put bed and somewhat like a move-with-you garment and, as a result, they perform poorly as either. They are also heavier than they need to be for ultralight, gram-counting backpackers. Sierra Designs has solved these problems with the Backcountry Bed, the Mobile Mummy, and Backcountry Quilt, each designed to outperform traditional styles and provide a better night’s sleep.

“The mummy bag has been the go-to design for backpackers for years, but it is really a flawed design. It doesn’t know if it wants to work as a bed or a garment. Plus the side zipper and all the toggles and Velcro are just a hassle,” says Michael Glavin, VP and Brand Manager for Sierra Designs. “That’s why we created three different style bags… one that works more like your bed at home, another that will move with you as you sleep, and a third that sheds a ton of excess weight.”


Designed to work more like a bed, the Backcountry Bed is a unique, zipper-less sleeping bag with access provided through a large opening in the top. An oversized, integrated comforter seals this opening, allowing you to sleep comfortably and intuitively on your back, side, or stomach… a feat that is impossible to accomplish with a traditional mummy bag. The comforter can either be tucked in on cold nights or un-tucked when the weather is warmer. An integrated sleeping pad sleeve keeps the Backcountry Bed flat and stable even for restless sleepers. The Backcountry Bed is offered in 2-season (30⁰) and 3-season (15⁰) models in a choice of 600 or 800 fill DriDown™ insulation.

The Mobile Mummy is designed to fit more like a garment and move with you so you can sleep on your back, side, or stomach without feeling constrained or suffocated. Zipper-less armports allow you to use your hands while fully zipped in, so you can cook, read, and more without getting out of your sleeping bag. For added mobility, a stowable footbox can be tucked up and toggled, allowing you to extend your legs for walking around camp. A centered, front zipper is easier and more natural to operate than old-style mummy bag zippers, making it nearly impossible to snag. Dual zipper sliders allow venting from the top or bottom. The Mobile Mummy is offered in 2-season (30⁰) and 3-season (15⁰) models in a choice of 600 or 800 fill DriDown™ insulation.

The ultralight Backcountry Quilt is designed for the gram-counting backpacker who feels a mummy bag uses too much material and is therefore just too heavy. With a leg up on other camp quilts, the Backcountry Quilt comes with an integrated hood and full-length arm and hand pockets for extra convenience and warmth on colder nights, making it the only quilt on the market that insulates your head regardless of your sleeping position. Light, compact, and highly compressible, the Backcountry Quilt is designed for 2-season use and is insulated with 800-fill DriDown™.

These new bags will debut at the Outdoor Retailer Trade Show in Salt Lake City, July 31st to August 3rd in the Sierra Designs booth #28017. For more information, please email

About Sierra Designs:
Founded in 1965 at the beginning of the golden age of backpacking and climbing, Sierra Designs draws on an extensive heritage to create innovative, technologically-advanced outdoor equipment to compliment any active, outdoor lifestyle. With years of experience designing best in class tents, sleeping bags, and apparel, Sierra Designs has been to every corner of the world, from the highest peaks in the Himalaya to the campground down the road. Whether you’re an ultralight hiker, world-class mountaineer, or recreational camper, Sierra Designs has you covered. (


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