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SkiA Introduces New Balance Board Trainer

Liverpool, England (January 29, 2014) – For advanced/expert skiers, finding challenging balance training that increases muscle memory and balance specific to skiing can be difficult. The new SkiA Balance Board is designed to be used in conjunction with the SkiA Sweetspot Trainer, significantly increasing challenge and muscle training.

For expert skiers, the SkiA balance board takes the challenge of the Sweetspot trainers to a new level, with a constantly moving base of support. When centered, the board can be dynamically moved fore-aft or side-to-side. In addition, the durable nylon wheels can be made to skid, allowing for complex sliding and pivoting that closely mimics the movements of skiing. The combination of balance trainers and board makes for an extreme balance activity that will challenge the very best skiers.

Alpine ski racers apply their balance in a highly dynamic way, shifting their weight forward on entry to race gate to enable their skis to ‘bite’ into the turn, and shifting their weight rearwards on exit to allow their skis to accelerate forward. The SkiA Sweetspot Trainer allows skiers to fine tune their fore-aft balance skills on dry land. Even the largest (easiest) balance blocks are an extremely difficult challenge when used on the SkiA Balance Board.

SkiA Balance Board Trainer:

·Multi-directional balance board
·Compact and lightweight
·Most suitable for expert skiers
·Specifically designed to be used in conjunction with SkiA Sweetspot Trainer
·Fits under bed or couch for storage
·MSRP $69.95

About SkiA Designs

Based in Liverpool, England, SkiA designs and manufactures balance training products for athletes and non-athletes to find and realize their potential. Please visit for more information.

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