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'Skiing Business' Fills Gap in Ski-Industry Reporting

New online publication committed to serving ski industry through analysis of news and trends.

September 14, 2010 – Boulder, Colo. – Bonnier Corporation, publisher of more than 100 American special-interest magazines and websites, including TransWorld Business, will launch Skiing Business, a new online publication, Tuesday, Sept. 14. Skiing Business joins Bonnier’s Mountain Group, which consists of Ski, Skiing, and Snow magazines, Warren Miller Entertainment, and NASTAR, in the Boulder, Colorado office.

Led by Ryan Dionne, Skiing Business will provide in-depth stories on the winter sports industry. Through accurate, timely reporting, Skiing Business will focus on trends, expert advice, products, and the industry’s movers and shakers.

“I’m excited to lead a new online publication that fills a big gap in the ski industry,” says Dionne, Skiing Business’ content director. “We continually hear from retailers and manufacturers that there isn’t enough business reporting done in the ski world. We’re going to change that through weekly e-newsletters and a regularly updated website focused on helping retailers and manufacturers increase business.”

Skiing Business’ website,, and its first e-newsletter is scheduled to launch today, Tuesday, Sept. 14.

For more information on Skiing Business, e-mail or call 303-253-6368.