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SkiTownConnect App Launches in Colorado


SkiTownConnect App Launches in Colorado

Eagle, Colorado – February 16, 2016 – Locals and newcomers to Eagle, Summit and Pitkin Counties are now able to easily connect with one another using the new SkiTownConnect social networking app. Introduced in three stages over the past couple of months, the app is designed to connect mountain town locals and newcomers with like recreational and social interests. With their successful Colorado launches behind them, SkiTownConnect plans to expand into the Wasatch mountain towns of Utah and onto the Lake Tahoe region later this spring. The app is available for both iPhone and Android on the Apple App and Google Play stores. Either can be accessed easily by logging onto

The goal with SkiTownConnect is to take the challenge out of meeting people through an easy, fun and interesting social networking app. It lets users create profiles and then matches them to information on people, sports, events and activities that fits their profiles. Although mobile apps have existed for tourists and for specific needs like lift tickets and hiking trail maps, there has been no app that connects locals, whether long-time residents or new people moving into the community. Until now. SkiTownConnect fills the need.

“We have found during our initial launch that the appeal and differentiation of SkiTownConnect is very much for the connection with local recreation, events and activities as opposed to the standard dating scene apps…although it works for both.” commented Jim Fleischer, owner of the site app. “SkiTownConnect simply gives you the resources you need for interaction in the mountain community.”

A key feature is the events section. Not only is it a listing of existing events, it gives users the framework to put together and promote their own activities. Need somebody to go mountain biking with? Users can put together their own Saturday morning ride. Powder is dumping? Friends can be invited to catch first tracks, grab a GoPro, head to the backcountry, shoot video of everyone and then post on SkiTownConnect. Not big on going to bars to meet people? Use the SkiTownConnect profile section to find somebody that would like to meet for a hike instead. 

The idea for SkiTownConnect was born when Jim was trying to get established in Central Colorado. Having worked in the ski industry for seven years in the Northeast, he realized his dream and moved west. As he met more and more locals and new people in the area though, he identified with their frustrations trying to immerse themselves in a new community and decided to do something about it through SkiTownConnect.

In order to give back to the community, five percent of the available advertising space on the site will be allocated to local area non-profits free of charge. Social media, web advertising and grassroots promotions with local retailers and organizations will help promote the social networking app throughout the areas.

SkiTownConnect, launched in Eagle County, Summit County and Pitkin County, Colorado in Winter 2015-2016 is based in Eagle, Colorado, home of owner Jim Fleischer. With the bi-line “The Lifestyle App Connecting Mountain Communities,” SkiTownConnect is a free app for mobile phones designed to connect people with like interests in mountain resorts. It links locals to information on people, sports, events and activities.


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