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Skratch Labs’ New Daily Mix: Because Even Athletes Don’t Sweat All the Time


Boulder, CO (January 1, 2014) – When we wanted an alternative to neon colored sports drinks filled with synthetic chemicals that do little to actually hydrate, but much to offend our bellies and minds, we created our Exercise Hydration Mix. People liked it. A lot. But because we had made a drink to hydrate people when sweaty, thirsty, and hopefully dirty, that meant we didn’t have a drink to use while just sitting around the office, playing video games, or driving in an air-conditioned car. People didn’t like that.

Unfortunately, because our Exercise Hydration Mix tastes so awesome, many of our customers began drinking it even when they weren’t active. In fact, despite all of the firm warnings and emotional interventions, some in the Skratch family had become full-blown addicts. Some would even go so far as to put on a pair of yoga tights or cycling shorts to justify their drinking habit, but then spend that time in their workout clothes secretly watching YouTube videos and drinking Skratch instead of exercising.

We eventually realized that tough love wasn’t going to stop people from inappropriately drinking their Skratch, so we decided to create something we could all drink together, daily, even when we weren’t sweating.

The result is our new product: Daily Electrolyte Mix. Ready for the math? It has half the calories of our Exercise Hydration Mix, one third of the sodium, three times the fruit and all of the great taste and flavor without any of the artificial sweeteners, flavoring agents, colors, preservatives, emulsifiers, and excess chemicals that make most low calorie or daily use beverages nothing more than a dump truck full of nasty.

Our Daily Electrolyte mix is designed to help top us off when we’re thirsty and a bit dehydrated from the insensible water loss we experience throughout the day and to keep us well hydrated and ready for the daily dose of sweaty exercise that is part of our active lifestyle. While water is often fine for this, this drink is an alternative for those of us who don’t enjoy drinking plain water and who also don’t need the excess calories, sodium or chemicals found in most beverage products.

So go ahead, drink your Skratch anytime. Just make sure you choose the right formula for the task, even if that task is your next email. Because even athletes don’t sweat all the time.

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Price: $19.50/30 serving bag, $1.75/single $35/box of 20 singles
Available: January 1, 2014

About Skratch Labs

Founded by renowned sports physiologist Dr. Allen Lim, Skratch Labs’ philosophy is to use real food as the optimal source of nourishment for sport and life. Lim’s recent collaboration with Chef Biju Thomas on ‘The Feed Zone’ and ‘The Feed Zone Portables’ cookbooks started a revolution in the way athletes think about fuel for activity and recovery. Skratch Labs provides ready-made products to help complement this lifestyle, beginning with their Exercise Hydration Drink Mixes.

Skratch Labs Hydration drink mixes continue to grow in popularity with cyclists, runners, triathletes, lawn mowers, yoga class takers, climbers, hikers, motocross riders, NASCAR drivers, military organizations, youth sports participants, firefighters, and everyday regular people.