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SMACK! Media Partners With Rebel Desk To Take A Stand Against Sitting


Rebel Desk Adjustable-Height Treadmill Desks To Expand Reach Into Health and Fitness Market

July 21, 2014 – Solana Beach, CA – Rebel Desk, a Washington DC based company that designs and sells adjustable-height desks and treadmill desks, has partnered with SMACK! Media to plan and execute their public relations campaign and education initiatives about the benefits of standing and walking while working. 

Sitting all day recently has been coined “the new smoking” in terms of health risks, and Rebel Desk offers a customizable standing desk solution, including a variety of desktops, desk accessories, adjustable-height stools and walking treadmills. Rebel Desk’s active working solutions increase activity levels, improve focus, and help people to feel healthier.

“In light of a recent study that suggests each hour of sitting negates 8% of an hour of working out, we feel the health and fitness community needs to be more aware of the importance of being active throughout the day – not just while exercising,” says Rebel Desk CEO, Kathleen Hale. Elisette Carlson, Founder of SMACK! Media, was a Rebel Desk customer before she partnered with the company. Kathleen Hale explains that “when Eli told me how much Rebel Desk had made a difference in her productivity, energy, posture and especially her hips and lower back issues from running, she confirmed that athletes and fitness buffs were a key market for Rebel Desk products. Even the most fit athlete can benefit from limiting time in a chair. From shortened hip flexors to a hunched-over posture, prolonged sitting wreaks havoc on our bodies.” 

Standing desks recently have caught the eye of companies looking for innovative ways to improve employee wellness. More and more companies are swapping traditional desks for standing and treadmill desks to help boost productivity, creativity and happiness in the workplace. Even President Barak Obama is a fan, commenting, “I love treadmill desks!” during a recent visit to the shared-office campus – 1776 – from which Rebel Desk works.

To learn more about Rebel Desk and view their entire line of active-working products, visit their website at

ABOUT REBEL DESK: Co-founders Kathleen Hale and Jeff Hale are leading the Rebel Desk revolution. Before founding Rebel Desk, they were treadmill desk users who experienced the incredible benefits of walking and standing while working. They also saw how feeling good while they worked created a positive cycle for other healthy behaviors. When you feel healthy and energized at your desk, it is easier to turn down the snack from the vending machine for something nutritious; it’s easier to add a walking meeting into your day rather than be trapped in a conference room; and it’s easier to make the most of time spent not working. Kathleen and Jeff also wanted people to be able to have it all – so they created a treadmill desk with quality, style, and functionality found nowhere else. They are committed to fulfilling Rebel Desk’s mission and transforming the way people feel while they work.