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Socialize your Social Media Strategy with Onit Marketing at OR

ONIT is a team of social media alchemists who specialize in online brand building. We work with the country's most exciting clients to create master strategies & creative concepts across consumer touchpoints that connect target audiences with brands.

Is Your Company truly social?

Outdoor Retailer is next week! Do you have your social media strategy set-up? Whether you need a consultation to get your social media started, training for your team, or a partner to grow your community, ONIT is here for you.

Roni will be at OR Tuesday through Friday (August 2nd –August 5th), to meet with you to discuss your 2010 social plan of attack.

Over 85% of companies next year expect to incorporate social media into their marketing mix. Facebook reached a milestone of 500 Million users and made $800 Million in profit in 2009, and it’s still growing. Twitter boasts over 75 million users and averages 50 million tweets per day.

Social Media is constantly shifting; our alchemists are on top of the latest trends. We will give you the help you need to thrive in the new environment.

Hope to hear from you! Reply to email or give us a ring!

Best regards,

Roni Rudell
Chief Social Media Alchemist
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