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Sock Problems Launches with a Mission to “Sock” World Problems With Socks

New, altruistic sock company gives 25 – 50% of each sale to charity partners conquering social obstacles, afflictions, and environmental issues


(CARLSBAD, CA—NOVEMBER 7, 2017)— Sock Problems, a San Diego based company dedicated to “socking” world problems, has launched today. A for purpose company, Sock Problems aims to transform every day purchases into a force for change by giving 25-50% of each purchase to their charity partners. Committed to “Care, Wear and Share,” Sock Problems offers a wide variety of unique sock designs that combine pop and flair to raise funds to combat key problems in the world.

The very fabric of Sock Problems is to give when you purchase. Understanding that most people are affected by an affliction, social obstacle, or an environmental issue, the team at Sock Problems established a model that allows an individual to support a specific cause with the purchase of a simple necessity: socks. The donation amount is determined by their “Tiers of Giving” measured by their “Sock-It-Meter.”

For the launch, the company aims to “sock” the following 9 problems: autism, hate, breast cancer, extinction, cancer, climate change, inequality, racism, and prostate cancer. The colorful sock designs specific to each cause are available for purchase, with 25-50% of each sale going to a specific charity partner.

Current charity partners include: the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, The Trevor Project, Ceres, PFLAG the Movember Foundation, the San Diego Zoo Global Wildlife Conservancy and SARRC (Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center).

“Sock Problems strives to maximize the impact we can have on the world’s biggest problems,” said Ryan Berman, Founder of Sock Problems. “We see ourselves as a ‘giving company’ that helps our customers make a difference just by expressing themselves.”

Sock Problems is centered around four core values: Giving, Transparency, Conquer, and Playfulness. In terms of giving, Berman says, “The model is simple. The more we sell, the more we sock.”

Results of their impact will be shared on their website for ultimate transparency.

To learn more about Sock Problems, affiliated organizations, or to purchase a pair, visit

Sock Problems

Sock Problems, LLC is a for purpose company that “socks” problems in the world with cause-centric socks. Sock Problems aims to transform every day purchases into a force for change. Sock Problems offers high quality, playful socks to passionate consumers. Sock Problems, a pending B Corp, combines people’s dedication for solving the world’s problems with their need for socks and their desire to express themselves with this daily accessory.

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