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Solio’s New BOLT Solar Charger Pairs with the Kindle Fire

Amazon’s Kindle Fire, just released, is the company’s reentry to the tablet market, offering a vast content library and competitive price point.Solio’s new BOLT solar charger is a reliable solution for extending the Fire’s battery life.

OAKLAND, Calif. (November 16, 2011) – Amazon’s Kindle Fire, just released, is the company’s reentry to the tablet market, offering a vast content library and competitive price point. The Fire has drawn rave reviews among consumers but devotees of Amazon’s previous Kindle E-Readers might find themselves missing the first series’ battery life, thought to be measured in months, while the Fire is more in line with other tablets at around eight hours per charge.

Solio’s new BOLT solar charger is a reliable and sustainable solution for extending the Fire’s battery life when away from outlets or other power sources.

The Kindle Fire (MSRP $199) features a dual-core processor, 7 inch touchscreen, and Amazon’s new cloud-accelerated Silk web browser. The Kindle Fire’s most coveted feature is its access to Amazon’s vast libraries of cloud-based content. While most other tablet’s rely on downloading and local storage, the Kindle Fire connects to Amazon’s cloud data to provide access to over 18,000,000 songs, movies, TV shows, magazines, and books, as well as free cloud-based data storage.

With millions of pieces of content at your fingertips, it can be easy to burn through the battery of any device. The Kindle Fire boasts up to eight hours of continuous reading on one charge, but browsing the web, downloading content, or video playback, can decrease this time. Pairing the Solio BOLT with the Kindle Fire will ensure your Fire stays charged and ready when you need it most, whether it’s during a commute in the city, a long haul flight, or at a remote campsite. The BOLT can be charged from the sun or directly from a wall or USB outlet and connects directly to the Kindle’s included USB charging adapter for fast, easy, on-the-go charging.

After dark the BOLT’s battery can be recharged via its micro-USB port. From USB power, the battery charges in 4.5 hours. The BOLT uses a high temperature rated lithium ion-polymer battery. Unlike other battery chemistries, lithium-poly works perfectly for the high-heat of solar charging and Solio’s 60C specification means the heat of the sun never interrupts efficient solar charging. When the useful life of the rechargeable battery is over, the Solio BOLT battery is user-replaceable with just a few turns of a screwdriver.

The Solio Bolt (MSRP $70) is available now at Sprint, Amazon, and REI stores in the United States and Mountain Equipment Co-op in Canada. The BOLT is also available at

Watch a demo of the Solio BOLT here:

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