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Somnio Hires José Luis García Avilés as Sales and Marketing Manager

Somnio, the leader in the design and manufacturing of custom-fit footwear, announced today their partnership with José Luis García Avilés as the new Marketing and Sales Manager for both Spain and Portugal.

“Wherever I´ve been, working in Spain or abroad, I´ve always had a pair of trainers with me,” said José Luis. “This new opportunity with Somnio allows me to unite my passions and launch into the Iberian market, the first running shoe that adapts to the needs of the athlete and not the other way around.”

José Luis previously worked for different multinational companies as the Sales & Marketing Manager, working both in Spain and abroad for companies such as Panasonic and Seiko Epson. After working abroad for nearly 4 years in the UK, he decided to settle in Barcelona where he will be working with Somnio.

“We are very excited to have José Luis head up the team in Spain and Portugal,” said Sean Sullivan founder and president of Somnio. “With the help of Jose we will be expanding our reach to runners around the globe.”

Somnio is distributed in over 20 countries all over the world, from Asia to Europe, and has offices in Santa Cruz, California as well as Wetzikon, Switzerland.

You can contact José Luis García Avilés at:
Phone + 34 616 470 070

Launched in the summer of 2009, Somnio shoes feature an adjustable component system that creates a custom-fit to match a runner’s unique biomechanics. Developed at the prestigious Boulder Center for Sports Medicine, Somnio shoes can adapt to (or correct) the particular alignment, arch and cushioning needs of each runner’s foot. Somnio also provides educational classes on biomechanics and injury and it’s own proprietary in store video gait analysis systems. Learn more at