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Fischer Speedmax 3D Wins Cross Country Ski Magazine Editor’s Choice

AUBURN NH- Cross Country Ski Magazine has announced the Fischer Speedmax 3D and Editor’s Choice selection for 2020. The new ski debuted late last year during World Cup competition and became available to the general public this fall. “At the World Cup level, seconds and even tenths of seconds matter. The new Speedmax 3D ski is the latest step by Fischer in it’s search for the perfect racing ski,” described Fischer Race Director, Chris Hall.

The Speedmax 3D features a gliding sidewall, constructed to maximize glide throughout the kick phase of a skating effort. The new construction won an ISPO design award at the international trade show in January of 2019.

The Cross Country Ski Magazine ski test happens annually and measures the performance across a wide spectrum of cross country ski manufacturers. Fischer has taken home an editor’s choice designation since the magazine began issuing them.

“The response to the Speedmax 3D from across the athlete spectrum has been fantastic,” explained Steve Reeder, Fischer’s Nordic Division Manager in the U.S.

Speedmax 3D is available now at Fischer cross country ski retailers.

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